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Dust Pincher Appliances sees the light of day once again.

Due to the demand and the continued unavailability of this release, Crouton is pleased to announce the repressing of's Dust Pincher Appliances CD.  Originally released in 1998 in a shorter, alternate form, via a now impossible to find 10” vinyl on Something Weird Records, Iceland, the CD edition on Crouton contains different versions of the original recordings, as well as three tracks not present on the 10” edition. Some might say that anything graphic artist, sound artist, and writer Matt Waldron produces is peculiar, and his work as is no exception. Each minute of these compositions reveals unexpected surprises. The instrumentation, who knows? A bit of everything really, except the standard ones. However, the style is not a mess, but rather an obsessively scrutinized audio story, aural painting, or sound experience, which is quite devastating to take in.  See review in the Brainwashed archives. 

Waldron began this recording project in 1991, and has eight records under this name (although most were not publicly released). Some will recognize the name as being co-responsible for the Nurse With Wound LP "Angry Eelectric Finger" on Beta-Lactam Ring, and the CD, "Chance Meeting of a Defective Tape Machine and Migrane" on the United Dairies/Anomalous label. He has also worked with the likes of Stillupsteypa and Coil, and has created scores for numerous Butoh performances in California. His graphic art, which is similarly as intriguing as his sound work, has also found its way into NWW territory, particularly on the cover of their CDs “Automating Volume 1 and 2.” Elsewhere, his visual work has been exhibited in various galleries throughout California, as well as in the pages of Bananafish Magazine. Furthermore, Waldron also was co-founder of the Oneiromantic Ambiguity Collective, a writing & performance group active since 1998. Each of Waldron’s talents in graphics, sound, and writing, can be witnessed in this fine release.

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