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NWW shake an Angry Eelectric Finger

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Brian Conniffe reports: The next Nurse With Wound album is tentatively titled Angry Eelectric Finger. Angry Eelectric Finger is to be a triple album. An albums-worth of original raw material was given to three different artists: Jim O'Rourke, Irr. App. (Ext.), and Cyclobe. Stapleton told them to use the material in whichever way they want, but with an emphasis on making radical changes to original sounds. The result was three totally disparate album-length pieces of work, for Steve to manipulate and release.
The Jim O'Rourke (there's no other Sonic Youth member appearances) disc is an extremely dark and melancholic work which is stunningly beautiful in its precision. The album by Cyclobe is currently in the last stages of completition and is reportedly immensely trippy, hallucinatory, and astonishing. The version Irr. App. (Ext.) contributes differs greatly from the other two. While O'Rourke and Cyclobe radically reworked the source material into utterly distinct forms, Matt Waldron stuck very much to Steve's original material, adding textures and new elements in a highly subtle yet incredibly precise manner. The result of this is that each disc is vastly different from each other, in tone, mood, style and execution. Also, the Irr. App. (Ext.) re-interpretation of the lost LP Insect and Individual Silenced will be released very soon on United Dairies.

"Angry Eelectric Finger" will act as something of a milestone, and the next Nurse With Wound album after this one is going to be a major change in direction. The next NWW project, which Stapleton is working on at the moment, is going to be a hip-hop album. It will also feature a very talented female rapper.

Steve has also just completed a remix of material by the group Sperm (one on the infamous Nurse list), to be released on an upcoming Sperm reissue/anthology. The remix features distinctive hip-hop elements.

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