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Aranos releases third CD for the year!

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And Soon Coffin Sings is the new CD from Aranos, now available directly from him.   Three instrumental tracks, 72 minutes of sounds from a parallel world.

Ocean’s fleshy psyche
Aimlessly branches out  through hare-frost,
Ant-port and myself
Hot hoe became grass eye
From whence puzzles consume caffeine backwards

Eyes could have it
Ears could have it
Subtle light reflected towards woolen periwinkles
Scent of panning bathtubs
Eternal stimulation.

Her first deep eel cupped her heart at once
And nulled vehicular freedom.
Encased in chemical bondage
Four strings chime a distant bell
From time and place light ears away.
Price 15 Euro including shipping. Please pay by Paypal or send cash to:
Co. Clare

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