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Boris - Vein

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artist: Boris
title: Vein
catalog number: imprec100
format: Picture disc lp
release date: sometime between now and Aug 22, 2006.

Japan's Boris has chosen to follow Pink (Southern Lord) with this deluxe vinyl only offering. Vein is a completely transparent picture disc lp with a border image on the outter perimeter of the vinyl which is actually screen printed on the clear mylar "picture". The grooves begin within the image and this record is housed in a transparent picture disc jacket affixed with two custom cut stickers.

Japan's highest ranked ampgods Boris have created Vein; an exploding singular monolith rooted firmly in all of Boris' sounds. Opening hard and heavy with more guitar feedback than you'd think a thick chunk of vinyl could hold they proceed to plunder the Boris audio-vaults bringing out and incorporating all of the elements that make Boris. Vein has massive methodical low end guitar drone, explosive thrash metal, sound samples and plenty of feedback to go around. Bow down fellow worshipers and let this thick chunk of sound explode around you. This record is so heavy you're going to blow your speakers just thinking about listening to it.



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