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Shit & Shine, "Cunts With Roses"

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So while my girlfriend is swamped in a bunch of paperwork I sneak up to my hideaway  for a fix of sonic filth. I pull out the new 12" on Noisestar. This heavy duty slab of wax is limited to a measly 300 copies and was recorded live  on August 29th 2006 at  rehearsal in London. Everything about this record tells me that she's not gonna appreciate it, the title, the sleeve, So I put on my headphones in a considerate moment.



This is pure primordial dirge. A pulverising military, almost tribal drum rhythm is pounded out of lord knows how many drum kits. (I saw footage of them in Berlin beating on 9 of them). Over the drums is a cochlea-annihilating distorted monster of a riff. This is heavier than a blue whale with a stomach full of lead.  Imagine mid-period Melvins recorded in a cave.

The track skips and stutters at various points. This is either some crazy editing or couldn't give a shit warts and all attitude. It is raw, brutal and seriously nasty. The whole wall off sound is then put through a filter and then kicks back in. The occasional vocals are largely incoherrent and have a great 'fuck you' charm to them. Then the last couple of minutes have drums that are so distorted they sound like scud missiles going off in your face. The flip-side is more of the same relentless repetition and ferocious distortion, drawing on the same elements and ideas of the first track much in the same way as Om's mighty Variations On a Theme LP. It all ends in a lockgroove which may have possibly given me tinnitus.

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