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Buzz Bin

This is a somewhat freeform area for record labels, bands, and publicists post press releases about their releases or news items.These are not reviews and they are not criticisms published by Brainwashed but a place for readers to get more information directly from the sources.

Please note:

  • is not responsible for the opinions expressed in this section.
  • The copyrights for these documents are not owned by Brainwashed Inc.
  • These items are dated and may refer to material no longer available.


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# Article Title Author Hits
401 Fluxion, "Ripple Effect" Vibrant Music 4216
402 Bart de Paepe, "Pagus Wasiae" Beyond Beyond is Beyond 3788
403 Rafael Anton Insarri, "Sirimiri" Umor Rex 3883
404 Taj Mahal Travellers, "August 1974" reissue Aguirre 3735
405 Félicia Atkinson, "Coyotes" Geographic North 4830
406 Sarah Davachi, "Let Night Come On Bells End The Day" Recital 5182
407 "Folklore Tapes: The Art of Divination" Folklore Tapes 5558
408 "Devon Folklore Tapes Volume VII: Two Ruins" Folklore Tapes 4778
409 Kyle Bobby Dunn/Wayne Robert Thomas, "The Searchers/Voyevoda" Whited Sepulchre 5067
410 Mary Lattimore, "Hundreds of Days" Ghostly International 4714
411 Gnod, "Chapel Perilous" Gnod 4817
412 Stephen Thrower, "Trouser Bar" Staff 5336
413 CV & JAB - Zin Taylor, "Thoughts of a Dot as it Travels a Surface" Shelter Press 4914
414 Die Wilde Jagd, "Uhrwald Orange" Bureau B 4981
415 Cavern of Anti-Matter, "Hormone Lemonade" Duophonic 3021
416 Blaine L. Reininger, "The Blue Sleep" Les Disques du Crépuscule 3355
417 Peter Wright, "All The Sky in Flames" Peter Wright/Distant Bombs 2817
418 Kevin Drumm, "Inexplicable Hours" Sonoris 3375
419 Grouper, "Grid of Points" kranky 2591
420 Belong, "October Language" reissue Spectrum Spools 3660
421 A Place To Bury Strangers, "Pinned" Dead Oceans 2958
422 Taylor Deupree, "Fallen" 12k 4393
423 Alva Noto/Ryuichi Sakamoto, "Glass" Noton 4357
424 Roberto Opalio, "Once you'll touch the sky you will never return to dust" Elliptical Noise 4435
425 Kassel Jaeger, "Retroactions" (Eliane Tapes #1) Moving Furniture 4656
426 My Cat is an Alien, "The Sky With Broken Arms" Elliptical Noise 4536
427 Dedekind Cut, "Tahoe" Kranky 4411
428 Bruce Gilbert, "Ex Nihilo" Editions Mego 4676
429 Tor Lundvall, "A Dark Place" Dais 5103
430 Silvia Kastel, "Air Lows" Blackest Ever Black 4568
431 Jay Glass Dubs, "Dubs" Ecstatic 4705
432 Shuttle358, "Field" 12k 2818
433 Lea Bertucci, "Metal Aether" NNA Tapes 10570
434 Alvin Lucier, "Criss Cross/Hanover" Black Truffle 2857
435 Anne Guthrie, "Brass Orchids" Students of Decay 2850
436 Pendant, "Make Me Know You Sweet" (Huerco S.) West Mineral Ltd. 13360
437 Drowse, "Cold Air" The Flenser 3166
438 NPVR, "33 33" (Nik Void/Peter Rehberg) Editions Mego 3387
439 Deep Frosty, "Blues Band" (ex-Comets on Fire) Ba Da Bing! 2760
440 High Rise, "High Rise II" reissue Black Editions 3502
441 Orchestra of Constant Distress, "Distress Test" Riot Season 3425
442 Chris Carter, "Chemistry Lessons, Volume One" Mute/Industrial Records 3976
443 Timo van Luijk and Mark Harwood, "Vang Circular" Penultimate Press 4853
444 Edward Ka-Spel & Steven Stapleton b/w Colin Potter & Quentin Rollet, Bisou Records 5492
445 Richard Skelton, "Towards a Frontier" Corbel Stone Press 4980
446 Eyvind Kang, "Plainlight" Abduction 4793
447 Pauline Anna Strom, "Trans-Millenia Music" RVNG Intl. 4713
448 Yadayn, "Adem" yadayn/Navalorama 5083
449 Folklore Tapes' "Calendar Customs" boxed set Folklore Tapes 5161
450 Muslimgauze, "Mullah Said" vinyl reissue Staalplaat 4985
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