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New music is due from Lee "Scratch" Perry & Mr. Green, Alice Hubble, and Jenna Sutela, while old music is due from Neurosis & Jarboe, Move D & Pete Namlook, and The Caretaker.

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2MR 010LP
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: 2MR 010LP
DUST Agony Planet 2LP
Double LP version. 2016 release. Fantasy Techno collective Dust -- a trio comprised of audio engineer Michael Sherburn, DIY nightlife entrepreneur John Barclay, and multi-disciplinary artist Greem Jellyfish -- present their debut full-length, Agony Planet. The nightmarish, alien horror narrative is released on Mike Simonetti's 2MR imprint. Immersed in Brooklyn's DIY rave community, all three members held roles in the genesis of notable extinct venues 285 Kent and Trip House, and now Bossa Nova Civic Club. In 2012, Sherburn and Barclay joined forces to found Dust and were joined shortly thereafter by Jellyfish; the following year they released their first 12", Onset of Decimation, on Mannequin (MNQ 039EP). Between 2013 and 2015, they released several more 12", two on Mannequin, as well as one for Sci-Fi & Fantasy and one for 2MR. Over these years, with Sherburn at the helm, the framework and themes for Agony Planet began to be conceptualized. Thirteen tracks, spanning in genre from digital hardcore, dungeon techno, and celestial ambience, are all held together by a theme of extravagant extraterrestrial warfare. Club-savvy techno engineering accompanied by frontwoman Greem Jellyfish's bizarre monologues and warped screams beckon listeners on a journey through the occult mysticism of the nightmarish and torturous deep ocean of an alien hell. Agony Planet is an unrelenting and bold debut from a trio not afraid to explore the dark caverns of the underground.
2MR 011LP
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: 2MR 011LP
2016 release. Kedr Livanskiy is Russian for "Lebanese Cedar". The sinister synths in "Sgoraet" (English: "Burning Down") are inspired by the otherworldliness of Russian winter; Russia in winter is a terrible thing, but it also has a strange romantic presence to it. The drum and bass coda emulate the feeling of impending death and transition to another state when winter is over one's shoulder. The mood of "Razrushitelniy Krug" (English: Destructive Cycle) is a little lighter, but it is about self-reflection becoming self-destructive in a vicious cycle. It's not all doom and gloom; "April" is almost tropical in its celebration of the arrival of spring. It's for exploring the Russian countryside after the sun has unlocked the trees, debris and dilapidated buildings frozen in time.Kedr on growing up in Russia and the influence that had on her music: "Of course the big problem was perpetual drunkenness -- people would drink themselves to death. I was born on October 4, 1990. It was a very interesting but critical time for Russia -- a time of great change. The Soviet Union was no more, and old values were anathematized because of the reconstruction. In my early teens no one seemed to understand me in this world (I thought), so I read Washington Irving novels and listened to The Cure. At around 20 years old I felt a real need to find myself, so I entered the directing department of the Moscow School of New Cinema. At the same time, electronic music fascinated me completely. A small circle of my friends formed around a mutual interest in music. We always went to concerts together, of which were mostly international artists: Inga Copeland, DJ Spinn, and DJ Rashad, Legowelt, Death Grips, Florian Kupfer, Dean Blunt, etc. It wasn't long until we organized the community and DIY record label known as John's Kingdom. It's not only about music; it's also a channel for art, videos and lifestyle. Now it's the most alive and honest thing in Moscow. My music is strongly inspired by Autechre, Aphex Twin, and Boards of Canada, but with the lyrics and mood of Mazzy Star. I admire contemporaries Inga Copeland and Laurel Halo, however, my songs are more pop-leaning because of the powerful influence MTV had on my adolescence."
2MR 015LP
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: 2MR 015LP
2016 release. Acclaimed Italian pair Deardrums, aka Bottin and Leo di Angilla, present their adventurous debut album on 2MR. The 13 track LP is a continuation of their analog-heavy and inventive synth style as showcased on their EPs to date which have received support from the likes of Laurent Garnier and Chloe and covers plenty of musical ground with great aplomb. African influences, tin pot percussion, and scorched synths all bring a real sense of Savannah heat to proceedings on cuts like "Mami Wata" and there is a sense of tribalism in the tightly programmed drums and claps of "Mayan Machine" that really stands this one apart. Authentic and unique throughout, this is a brilliant LP that is hard to categorize but easy to love thanks to its constant evolution and wide sphere of sonic influences.
2MR 023LP
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: 2MR 023LP
VA 2MR Presents: Harsh Riddims 2013-2016 LP
2016 release. This will mark the first time all of these tracks will be available on vinyl -- previously they could only be found on cassette or download. Further, the album features an unreleased track from Cringe Machine. An interview of Harsh Riddims' Ryan Parks by 2MR's Mike Simonetti (and vice versa) make up the liner notes. Harsh Riddims started a few years back. Their first release was a compilation tape featuring some of their best friends. Stefan Ringer (REKchampa), Drew Briggs (Divine Interface), and Matt Weiner (TWINS) lives in Atlanta. B L A C K I E is good friends with Negashi Armada (Bluntfang). Negashi suggested asking him for a track, and he turned in "It's hot livin n' tha south". About a year ago, they released the second compilation. This record is a mix of the two, featuring a few unreleased tracks. Love Letters is Parks's friend Maxime Robillard, who lives in New York City. ThinkThrice is a kid in Atlanta that ordered one of Stefan's tapes. WGM is Gavin Mays out of Memphis. He also produces as Cities Aviv. Cringe Machine is Parks's good friend Justin Bauman. Lastly, Co/Coaches is one half of Coco and Clair, Taylor Nave. She's such a talented song writer and performer. Also features RAMZi.
PRICE: $25.00
BLUEBOY If Wishes Were Horses LP
If Wishes Were Horses, Blueboy's first and now legendary album is finally reissued by Australian label A Colourful Storm. Presented for the first time on vinyl since its release in 1992, the recording by Keith Girdler, Gemma Townley, Paul Stewart, Lloyd Armstrong, and Mark Andes is immortalized in Sarah Records' history as an evergreen of indie-pop and modern DIY. "...the sort of feelings that rarely escape from the Sarah daydream factory" wrote NME at the time. This long-overdue reissue is presented with the original artwork faithfully restored by Sarah Records' own Matt Haynes. Full-color reverse-card sleeve with printed insert and lyrics sheet.
PRICE: $26.50
RUIZ, MIGUEL A. Climatery LP
Miguel A. Ruiz is a veteran experimental/electronic musician from Madrid who has worked under numerous names since early eighties as Técnica Material, Orfeón Gargarín, Codachrom. Climatery was originally recorded in 1986 and published by the Madrid label Proceso Uvegraf and later again by Esplendor's Geométrico label. Industrial ethnic music like Muslimgauze, O Yuki Conjugate, some Cabaret Voltaire, the avant-garde world rhythms of Jon Hassell, mantric loops, and futuristic soundtracks. "Six long environmental themes with ethnic and exotic touches, within a repetitive minimalism and layers of Korg Polysix synthesizer, combined with loops created with incipient sampler, tribal rhythms, leathery and dragged mix with an amazing ease with the first techno, in addition to adding traces of Industrial music. To the mix we only need to add the connective tissue of experimentation and the avant-garde, which make each theme acquire its own distinctive body." Edition of 300.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: APT 031EP
Echo Back marks the first Jerome Sydenham Apotek Records release since The Dialectic EP in 2017. Time flows but Jerome Sydenham and Apothek Records remain fresh as ever.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: APT 032EP
VA The False Ricardian 12"
The False Ricardian, a four-track EP, features Janne Tavi, Fatima Njai, Argy, and Jerome Sydenham, the link that binds. Here, a formidable agenda keeps you engaged in a thunderous rapture of sophisticated techno vibrations. The consistency of this deep product never betrays... but instead delivers consistently. Fearsome!
PRICE: $14.00
MOVE D & PETE NAMLOOK Reissued 1 12"
Away Music starts a new vinyl series entitled Reissued focusing on Move D & Pete Namlook tracks that were previously only available on CD. Opener "Footer" is a darkly absorbing piece with menacing bass rhythms and frosted textures, an interplanetary trip that finds modern kinship with the likes of techno experimentalist Donato Dozzy. The majestic "Der Bergkönig" is less linear and more suspensory, with beautiful synth motifs looping over icy pads building to a celestial crescendo complete with sweeping strings. Closer "Stranger" is an adventurous 16-minute epic that rides on slick deep house drums and phased bass.
PRICE: $18.00
KURACHI, KUMIO Sound Of Turning Earth CD
After 11 albums and unknown quantities of cassettes, compilations, and split releases, Sound Of Turning Earth is the first release outside of Japan for one of the most original figures in Japanese music, Kumio Kurachi. Recorded by Jim O'Rourke at his home studio, Sound Of Turning Earth is Kurachi solo on vocals and guitar, mixing surreal lyrics and theatrical vocal personas with unorthodox tunings inspired by Japan's national instrument, the koto. Lyrically, Kurachi draws life from the small events of life, the hira, the joy of choosing a lipstick in springtime, the business of changing the tatami, raindrops deciding whether to fall as snow. Set to his own brand of progressive folk in the Hirajo?shi scale and laced with winding melodies which can be hard to forget, Kurachi maps his own territory for the people who inhabit his every day. As much a visual artist as a musician, Bison present Sound Of Turning Earth in the form of a deluxe CD accompanied by three double-sided art cards by Kurachi, a four-panel fold-out poster, and full translation of his poetic lyrics. These striking songs speak for a liberated imagination. Kumio Kurachi has performed actively in Japan since the '80s, and still plays shows in Fukuoka regularly. Past collaborators include Taku Unami and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto. He has played with Tenniscoats, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Katsura Yamauchi, Tori Kudo, Jim O'Rourke, and Eiko Ishibashi."The music is so melodious that the mixture of the strange wording, guitar and variations of voices thrives all together and it can haunt you without noticing it, just like the small events of everyday life you can't escape from." --Midori Ogata
PRICE: $14.00
DEEPA & BIRI Roots 12"
Following 2018's full-length, Dominance (BCLP 001LP), Deep'a & Biri reemerge on their Black Crow imprint for Roots, presenting three immediate yet sophisticated cuts traversing techno and electro, brimming with character and detail. "Approaching Skopje" is a tunneling slice of techno, with layers of trippy electronic textures. "Quantum Hypnosis" sees an instantaneous swung-groove gradually blossom into a weightless electronic lullaby. On "Roots", a loose breakbeat flirts a circling analog signal, demonstrating the duo's subtle craftsmanship.
BJ 021LP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: BJ 021LP
CARN, DOUG Adams Apple LP
2019 repress. Doug Carn's fourth album for the Oakland, CA-based Black Jazz label, originally released in 1974. Carn plays electric piano, organ and moog. Includes a cover of Earth, Wind and Fire's "Mighty Mighty" and a new version of Weather Report's "Sanctuary." This is a 1998 reissue.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: BFR 003LP
ELDER The Gold & Silver Sessions LP
"An experimental LP of ranging, krautrock-style jams that dramatically expands the Elder sound from its stoner/doom roots. Capturing Elder's expanding dynamic and ongoing progression, The Gold & Silver Sessions is an experimental LP of ranging psychedelic jams that captures their expressive and nuanced development in a way a 'regular' studio release wouldn't. This is still the band who put out 2017's crushing Reflections of a Floating World, but following their imagination in an entirely new direction."
PRICE: $26.50
Cehennem is the first-ever collection of the highly sought after and largely previously unheard EMS Synthi AKS recordings of Gökçen Kaynatan, one of Turkish pop and rock's best kept secrets. A key figure during the birth of Turkish rock and roll, a founding father of Anatolian rock and the studio brains behind the first Turkish electronic pop records, Kaynatan's influence runs like the lifeblood through Turkish pop and rock. Having shunned the recording industry early in his career, he remained a driving force behind the scenes and on TV screens, spearheading the explosion of synth technology in Turkish music with his pioneering use of the EMS Synthi AKS, the fruits of which would only be shared on stage, never to be repeated television broadcasts, and in archival recordings that haven't seen the light of day until now. Having chanced upon the newly released EMS Synthi AKS in 1972 during a sabbatical in Cologne, Gökçen undertook six months of tuition in order to fully explore every intricacy of the highly versatile portable modular analog synthesizer. As the beating heart of his now self-sufficient custom-built studio it would propel Gökçen's forward-thinking aural ambitions to a new plane. Making his first entirely synthesizer-based public performances in Germany in 1974, he then returned to his homeland to soundtrack the dawn of the Turkish television age as in-house composer and one-man house band for Turkey's first TV channel TRT, signaling the arrival of a new era in Turkish pop and rock. Increasingly dogged by ill health, Gökçen privately harnessed the Synthi to channel his suffering caused by what would later be diagnosed as a brain tumor, dutifully recording and archiving his studio experiments, which would remain in the proverbial can for over 40 years. With unparalleled access to Gökçen's closely guarded private vault, Finders Keepers Records presents another first with this previously unheard collection of EMS Synthi AKS recordings that represent a vital yet hitherto missing thread in the development of modern Turkish music. Recorded between 1973-75, this modest compendium comprises two of Gökçen's earliest synthesizer compositions and an updated recording made whilst recovering from brain surgery -- arguably some the earliest Turkish synthesizer music committed to magnetic tape, further cementing Gökçen's indelible legacy within Turkish popular culture. Cehennem was mastered from the original quarter inch studio tapes with full cooperation from the man himself.
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: CPR 001LP
MUERAN HUMANOS Hospital Lullabies LP
LP version. "Since their last album Miseress at the end of 2015, Mueran Humanos have continued to expand their audience playing major festivals like Primavera Sound, sharing the stage with the likes of Swans, The Fall and Royal Trux, playing legendary venues like the Berghain main room, touring the world and completing a full European tour supporting The Horrors, hand-picked by the band themselves. They have also recently placed synchs on Netflix show Diablero and upcoming HBO paranormal comedy, Los Espookys (Fred Armisen) which is HBO's first entirely Spanish language series. For the uninitiated, Mueran Humanos, (Tomas Notcheff, Carmen Burguess), can be a tough one to explain. Their influences could be listed and they could be called 'a psychedelic-krautrock garage punk-electronics duo who manage to capture the rich cultural history and excitement of their adopted home of Berlin and infuse it with a sophisticated South American chic imported from their native Buenos Ares'. At their core, these are simple and catchy songs with a solid electronics foundation solidified by driving bass lines and textural keyboard parts. Vocals are shared by both members, and they create an important dichotomy between the masculine and feminine energies that shape the band. Spanish speakers are in luck, because the lyrics are surrealist poetry of the highest order. Thankfully for the everyone else, they occupy that special place reserved for bands like Einstürzende Neubauten, (Jochen Arbeit of EN actually appeared on the bands last album), or Os Mutantes, where they transcend language barriers and are capable of telling a story through the sheer power of the human voice. Hospital Lullabies is a companion piece to a movie of the same name directed by Carmen Burguess, and without question this is their most refined and cohesive statement so far. While there is a darkness to some of it (fleshed out by imagery of nightmares, childhood terrors, and the trauma of mental institutions), it is balanced by feelings of romance and optimism and an overwhelming sense of childlike wonder."
CLP 3948LP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: CLP 3948LP
MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT Stack o' Lee - The Very Best Of LP
2019 repress. Originally released in 2009. Thirteen classic recordings from Avalon's Mississippi John Hurt. Includes "Stack o' Lee," "Louis Collins," "Blessed Be the Name," "Candy Man Blues," and "Nobody's Dirty Business." "He was a pure musician, playing for himself and the smallest possible number of listeners, developing his guitar technique and singing style to please nobody but himself; and he suddenly found himself with a huge following, precisely because of his unique style." -- All Music Guide
PRICE: $110.00
CAT #: COR 046LP
VA Cocoon Compilation S 6LP BOX+CD
Six-LP box set. Limited edition vinyl box-set comes with six yellow vinyl; includes CD. Cocoon Recordings goes into overdrive with the next installment of their legendary compilation series. Love Over Entropy gets the ball rolling with "As If", offering up smooth, Mediterranean vibes designed to stimulate heart-felt communication. Stimming's "The Gift That Never Stops To Give" continues in a low-slung, tribal vein peppered with jazzed-out, tubular percussion as the psychedelics gently take hold. John Talabot and Axel Boman, aka Talaboman, not only win the most bombastic track name of the year competition, but do a good job living up to it on "Big Room Anthemic Groovy Pounding Trance Dub Bomb. Superb!" The extended intro delivers a heightened sense of anticipation, as gentle bleeps, angular trance riffs and weird frequency oscillations toast the synapses. Emanuele Satie's "Planet XXX" is a perfectly balanced tech house groover, climaxing with an ecstatic breakdown. "End Days" from Edward then ups the ante with a metallic, new beat vibe that swamps you in wild analog noise before the deep brooding pads take over. Analog squiggles dominate the opening exchanges on Florian Hollerith's "KURZVOR12" as the soundsystem starts pounding relentlessly into the early hours. A strong head is certainly required under pressure from the hypnotic, rasping synth lines. Raxon gets things rolling on "The Turbulent" with electric hi-hats snaking through a dense mesh of banging snares that accompany a morphing acid line. "Jaded" then takes you into the realms of full-on industrial techno as Mark Broom transports you back to the genre's mid-90s heyday. Egbert ramps up the distortion on "Tering" with a flapping sub bass, played out across heavenly vox pads and acid washes. As you enter the final straight, "Keep Changing Basslines" from Italian maestro Dino Lenny journeys deeper stil006C, before it unfurls to reveal a myriad of arpeggiating synth and bass lines as the vocal sample of the title suggests. Deep, thoughtful and intelligent, there's also a hint of retro rave culture thrown in for good measure. Neil Landstrumm then takes us to Casio heaven on "Flesh Is A Prison", utilizing crisp sound that carries a laser-guided sting in the tail before Red Axes close things out with "Hevk". A long, spacey intro and more razor-edged riffs that morph and stutter perfectly encapsulate everything that has gone before.
MS 7317HLP
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: MS 7317HLP
BYRD & THE FIELD HIPPIES, JOE The American Metaphysical Circus LP
2019 repress. A student of electronic music, experimental composition, acoustics, psychology, Indian music and more in the 60s, Joe Byrd blended electronics with psychedelic rock in a purely entrancing style. 180 gram reissue, originally released in 1969.
PRICE: $15.00
KOEHLER Winged EP 12"
"Daniel Koehler for a 12"! Koehler... he has all that stuff... like the cover: He drew the dragon on the back some years ago. Those sounds... somewhat brutal, even dirty, with mean resonances cutting... The rhythms, unfolded with unflinching relentlessness, bashing the same spot over and over and over, that shrouding shimmer of fantastic otherworldliness... it has strange effects, it becomes so tactile."
PRICE: $22.00
BOOJI BOYS Tube Reducer LP
Incredible third LP from Iggy Pop's favorite Canadian power-pop garage punkers, Booji Boys, with 15 songs of melodic scuzzed-up pop. Tube Reducer follows 2017's double whammy of their self-titled debut and its gnarlier-than-thou follow-up Weekend Rocker (2017). And guess what? It's more of the good stuff. In fact, it could well be their best record so far. Sonically, you should know what to expect by now -- a disregard for fidelity; songs that sound way more effortlessly simple than they necessarily are; melodies that'll burrow their way into your head even as you fight through the fuzz to make out what the hell vocalist Alex Mitchell is actually singing... "Stevie Cool" is the bona fide winner this time -- the scuzzed-out power-pop anthem to end all scuzzed-out power-pop anthems -- but there's not a bad cut on offer here. "Nothing Good" blazes by in a fit of nail-biting energy and hooks so razor-sharp you could use 'em to cut through sheet metal, and if you've not donned your pogo-ing shoes to throw yourself between the walls of your house when "Life As A Fed" kicks in... well shit, man, do you even punk rock? By the utterly batshit closer "Moto-Hard" they've even thrown a brass section into the mix, skronking away cheerily and deliriously like Flipper's "Sex Bomb" running the wrong way up an escalator.
PRICE: $18.00
DADAWAH Peace And Love LP
LP version, back in, 2018 repress. Dark, hypnotic, tripping nyabinghi from 1974. Led by Jamaican Rastafarian singing hand-drummer Ras Michael over four extended excursions, the music is organic, sublime and expansive, grounation drums and bass-heavy (with no rhythm guitar; rather, Willie Lindo brilliantly improvising a kind of dazed blues). Lloyd Charmers and Federal Studios engineer George Raymond stayed up all night after the session to mix the recording, opening out the enraptured mood into echoing space, adding sparse, startling effects to the keyboards. At no cost to its deep spirituality, this is the closest reggae comes to psychedelia. Previously squandered in an incongruous 2-for-1 reissue, now lovingly returned to its original, singular glory at Abbey Road. Pressed on super-fly vinyl and housed in new standard-printed sleeves.
PRICE: $14.50
UBX127 Neural Encoder 12"
UBX127 signs back in with Figure for an EP that is maybe his most intricate as to date. Four groovy alien transmissions, sent in directly from his headquarters somewhere in the outer rims of Saturn. Seemingly effortless these creatures build their momentum, treating the theme of minuscule power to the maximum effect. The tracks have an elegant air to them, each moving gently at its own pace. Whether through ticks and bleeps, finely plucked 303s or swaying dub chords; all the sounds on display know how to work their magic for some stellar listening experience.
PRICE: $14.00
GENCE, DURUL Black Cat 7"
A spontaneous Turkish-Norwegian-Dutch expedition makes the story of Durul Gence's Asia Minor Mission group the stuff of lost-rock legend and remains one of Turkish music's great "what ifs?". Durul Gence assembled the underground fusion group known as Asia Minor Mission (AMM) in early 1972 (with Irfan Sumer, Oguz Durukan, and Ugur Dikmen). Unintended for commercial release, Finders Keepers present these previously unheard tracks sourced directly from original tapes. A testament to the inimitable talent of Gence and the only studio document of the mythical AMM Turk jazz funk troubadours -- a pop-psych Hollandaise holiday postcard which has taken five decades to be delivered.
GET 51320LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: GET 51320LP
RUN-DMC Tougher Than Leather LP
2019 repress on translucent blue vinyl. "Too many people sleep on Tougher Than Leather, Run-DMC's fourth album. But hear us out as we plead the case for this amazing LP. By 1988 there was a lot more competition in the rap game -- Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions, Eric B. & Rakim, Ice-T and many more had given Hollis, Queens' prodigal sons lots of competition. But Joe, Darryl and Jay were still at the top of their game, and hip-hop fans should never let this classic -- chiefly produced by their Queens neighbor, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Davy D[MX] -- get lost in their crates. For starters, the album's first single, 'Run's House' b/w 'Beats To The Rhyme' is arguably the most powerful one-two punch of the trio's career, showing contenders to the rap throne that they could still destroy a beat, tag-teaming with power at any speed. Not to be lost in the shuffle, fans were also reminded on both sides that Jam-Master Jay remained one of the world's best DJs, flexing the pinnacle of what would be called 'turntablism' a decade later. Both songs show a musical telepathy between all three that has rarely been equaled. The second single, 'Mary, Mary,' driven by an infectious Monkees sample, took a different approach, shrewdly ensuring that pop fans who jumped on the Raising Hell bandwagon had something to chew on. But, like 'Walk This Way,' the song wasn't just bubblegum -- there was an edge to it, and the lyrical gymnastics were very real. It wasn't selling out, it was allowing fans to buy in. 'Papa Crazy,' driven in concept and by a sample from the Temptations' 'Papa Was A Rolling Stone,' followed a similar pop-leaning path. Overall, the lyrical content on the album was a step up from the group's first three LPs. It's easy to infer, looking back, that they were feeling the heat from their younger competitors in the rap game. The genre was changing fast, and they were up to the challenge. On cuts like 'Radio Station' they bring substance to the grooves, by attacking Black Radio for its continual denigration of rap. 'Tougher Than Leather' reminds the world that they were still the Kings of Rock, with hard guitars to drive the point home. And 'They Call Us Run-DMC' and 'Soul To Rock And Roll' both bring things back to their early days, with sure-fire park jam rhymes and killer cuts. Tougher Than Leather, which went platinum up against a lot of competition, perfectly bookends the '80s output of one of the decade's most important groups. It encompasses the full range of the trio's capabilities, and reminds us that Run-DMC should never be forgotten as both pioneers and party-rockers. And so, we say, long live Joe, Darryl and Jay!"
GET 51321LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: GET 51321LP
RUN-DMC King Of Rock LP
2019 repress on translucent red vinyl. "Run-DMC's self-titled 1984 debut pushed the doors of pop music open, showing that hip-hop was not the fad that haters had prophesized. As they proved decisively on Run-DMC, rap was a legit art form, fully capable of producing long-players full of no-fast-forward cuts. By 1985, any doubters were running on fumes, as the group's King Of Rock blew the aforementioned pop doors off their hinges. Emboldened by their success (including the first rap album to ever go Gold); energized by worldwide touring and accolades; and given all the support they could want by a genius producer (Larry Smith), an open-minded label (Profile) and a charismatic manager (Russell Simmons, who also lent a hand on production), they ruled the charts and hinted at even greater things to come. The album's most fondly-remembered single set the album's tone perfectly: 'King Of Rock' was hard, full of charisma and tag-team vocal finesse, and had enough guitars to bring the suburbs into the rap fold. The song's video was equally popular and powerful, and the pioneering MTV exposure drove the group into a new stratosphere. But there was much more to King Of Rock than the title track, including more rock / rap hybrids -- 'Can You Rock It Like This' and 'You're Blind' -- as well as the additional singles 'Jam-Master Jammin'' and 'You Talk Too Much.' (The latter, incidentally, charted as high as 'King Of Rock' on both the Pop and R&B charts). Throw in the forward-thinking reggae/rap collab 'Roots, Rap, Reggae' (featuring the legendary Yellowman) and the live-throwdown-simulation 'Darryl and Joe (Krush-Groove 3)' and the album -- which went on to pass Platinum status -- is a winner from A1 to B4."
PRICE: $26.50
FUTURE PILOT AKA Orkestra Digitalis LP
Much anticipated and final studio album by Future Pilot AKA, the brainchild of Indo-Caledonian bassist/bandleader Sushil K Dade. Nine years in the making this album was not originally intended to be released via the conventional format of an album release. Initially the individual recordings were hidden in the elements by the artist (shorelines, hills, wind farms, islands, and lochs) as part of a #soniktreasurehunt sound/research project across Scotland. After all the hidden tracks were discovered by music fans via clues/co-ordinates shared on social media by the artist, Dade decided to "curate" a one-off edition of these recordings in the format of a picnic hamper as a conclusion to the #soniktreasurehunt. This was discovered at a bus-stop near Faslane Nuclear base. After several years since the discovery of the "one-off edition" Glass Modern bring together these tracks and finally present these in the classic format of "the album". Future Pilot AKA music is highly collaborative and Dade's previous recordings have featured contributions from a range of artists including Philip Glass, Damo Suzuki, Mikey Dread, The Pastels, The Go-Betweens. Featured on Orkestra Digitalis are contributions from Soft Machine legend Robert Wyatt (he posted Dade a cassette of his vocals lines), Ethiopian jazz master Mulatu Astatke (making his vocal debut on a tribute to Charles Mingus), Brian Eno collaborator Leo Abrahams, Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith, Scottish artists Emma Pollock (Delgados), RM Hubbert, Craig Armstrong, and Turner Prize Award Winning Artist Martin Boyce, who meditates on a quote from an Orange Juice classic.
PRICE: $20.00
SCIENTISTS, THE Not For Sale: Live 1978/79 CD
"The Scientists' pre-Swampland days in Perth are brilliantly encapsulated on this collection of mostly unreleased live material from '78 and '79. These were the days when former Victims and future Hoodoo Gurus drummer James Baker led the band alongside guitarist/singer Kim Salmon, and when their poster read 'Rock 'n' Roll in the tradition of The Groovies and The Heartbreakers'. The Perth-based line-up recorded the brilliant 'Frantic Romantic' single and self-titled EP highlighted by 'Last Night'. They also recorded a posthumously released LP -- the 'pink album' -- which came as a massive disappointment due to bad production and a reduced line-up. Not For Sale: Live 1978/79 is a collection of live and rehearsal tracks that captures the band making the same noises as on those 45s, and presents live versions of the fan faves and vastly superior versions of most of the LP tracks as well as coughing up a bunch of hitherto unreleased originals and covers to boot. This is 'The Legendary Scientists' -- as they were dubbing themselves within months of forming -- as they should be heard. The main set comes from late 1979: a live-to-air broadcast from Melbourne's 3RRR. The same line-up is also present on a handful of primitive live recordings, made by a friend at one of the group's regular haunts, the Governor Broome Hotel in '79. Play this really loud and it sounds like right there in the pub, shitty PA and all. Packaged with rare and unseen images, an original 1979 Roadrunner magazine feature by Kim Williams (of the Summer Suns, and co-writer of Swampland) and additional notes by Grown Up Wrong's Dave Laing. This collection provides a thrilling glimpse into what an album by the 'Legendary' Scientists might've sounded like if it had been recorded in 1979. With the current incarnation of the band touring the US again and performing the likes of 'Last Night' and 'Frantic Romantic', this is an essential listen for all Scientists fans, no matter which line-up they prefer."
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: BOT 017LP
HUBBLE, ALICE Polarlichter LP
LP version. Polarlichter is the debut album from Alice Hubble. It's an album of melancholic pop layered by vintage synths and elegant vocals. Alice Hubble is the new solo project of London based Alice Hubley and the product of one lady locked at home with her enormous collection of synthesizers. The album Polarlichter was born out of a desire to work on a project without constraints, to move away from the traditional song writing process and to experiment with the form. Inspired by the '70s recordings by Tangerine Dream, Ashra, and Kraftwerk, Alice wanted put a distinctly feminine take on the '70s Germanic synth sound. Other inspirations included Delia Derbyshire, Daphne Oram, Lee Hazlewood's Swedish recordings, '80s American synth pop band The Book of Love, and contemporary acts like Jane Weaver and Goldfrapp. Constructing and sketching riffs on her iPad during monotonous train journeys throughout the country, Alice built up her fragmentary ideas using vintage synthesizers and a mellotron creating something majestic, and sweeping. The album offers a soundscape of pastoral solace, far removed the urban sprawl. Includes "Goddess" named as Steve Lamacq's Single of 2019.
PRICE: $31.00
BLACK RAINBOWS Hawkdope (Green Fluo Vinyl) LP
Since the release of their debut album, Twilight In The Desert in 2007, Roma rockers Black Rainbows have become one of the most essential acts in Europe's heavy underground. As the spearhead of an entire movement of Italian bands, they have issued five full-lengths to-date and are on the precipice of their sixth in 2018, with founding guitarist/vocalist Gabriele Fiori and bassist Giuseppe Guglielmino welcoming new drummer Fillippo Ragazzoni to the fold for the first time. Across albums like 2010's Carmina Diablo (recently reissued), 2011's Supermotherfuzzalicious!! (HPS 010LP), 2015's Hawkdope, and 2016's Stellar Prophecy (HPS 037CD/LP/LTD-LP/RED-LP), Black Rainbows' sound has oozed between classic '90s-style stoner fuzz and deep-cosmos psychedelia, drawing on the best of hard-driving space rock to conjure a vibe totally tripped-out and all its own. By bringing Ragazzoni on board, the riffs have gotten tighter and are fuzzed as ever. They've got a well-earned veteran status with countless tours, festival appearances -- they have a track record of absolutely, unstoppable energy. Hawkdope is reissue here with new cover art; Limited edition green fluo color vinyl.
PRICE: $31.00
BLACK RAINBOWS Stellar Prophecy (Red Background Splatter) LP
Since the release of their debut album, Twilight In The Desert in 2007, Roma rockers Black Rainbows have become one of the most essential acts in Europe's heavy underground. As the spearhead of an entire movement of Italian bands, they have issued five full-lengths to-date and are on the precipice of their sixth in 2018, with founding guitarist/vocalist Gabriele Fiori and bassist Giuseppe Guglielmino welcoming new drummer Fillippo Ragazzoni to the fold for the first time. Across albums like 2010's Carmina Diablo (recently reissued), 2011's Supermotherfuzzalicious!! (HPS 010LP), 2015's Hawkdope (HPS 022CD/LP/LTD-LP), and 2016's Stellar Prophecy, Black Rainbows' sound has oozed between classic '90s-style stoner fuzz and deep-cosmos psychedelia, drawing on the best of hard-driving space rock to conjure a vibe totally tripped-out and all its own. By bringing Ragazzoni on board, the riffs have gotten tighter and are fuzzed as ever. They've got a well-earned veteran status with countless tours, festival appearances -- they have a track record of absolutely, unstoppable energy. HawkdopeStellar Prophecy is reissue here with new cover art; Limited edition red background splatter vinyl.
PRICE: $14.50
CARETAKER, THE An Empty Bliss Beyond This World CD
2019 repress; Originally issued in 2011. An Empty Bliss Beyond The World returns our doddering protagonist to the deserted ballroom, wandering its waxed floor and dilapidated grandeur in an attempt to capture an era which has long since disappeared but still haunts the atmosphere. James Leyland Kirby conjures a quieter, more introspective spirit, lost in his own mind amidst a low-lit labyrinth of ever-decaying and antediluvian shellac phrases. Sourced from his mysterious collection of 78s, these vague snippets of archaic sonics reflect the ability of Alzheimers patients to recall the songs of their past, and with them recollections of places, people, moods and sensations. The effect is subtly amplified by the chronic mastering at D&M, allowing each memory to segue seamlessly and unpredictably into the next for an otherworldly and disorienting experience. Coupled with another deeply enigmatic artwork commission from Ivan Seal, An Empty Bliss Beyond The World, is a highly potent transmission from one of the most singular characters in electronic music. Mastered by Lupo.
PRICE: $34.50
VA Par les damne-e-s de la terre: Des voix de luttes 1969-1988 2LP
Restocked; double LP version, includes 36 page booklet. After several years of research and constant enquiries, renowned French rapper Rocé is glad to (finally) present Par les damne-e-s de la terre: Des voix de luttes 1969-1988, a unique compilation memorializing political songs in French. 24 tracks with varied claims and multiple backgrounds brought (back) to the public, the music is presented along with exclusive notes from the historians Naïma Yahi and Amzat Boukari-Yabara, presenting each song's historical situation.Rocé on the project's story: "I'm part of the generation that saw the rise of French rap, and along with it, a real craze for this music created by the children of second and third-generation immigrants. But I wanted to go beyond rap, to dig deeper into Francophone artists who convey a message of poetic urgency, of sensitive poetry on the edge, committed to a cause despite itself, because their environment gives them no choice. In the shadow of high-profile singer-songwriters are women and men who became artists just for the time it took to release a single record. These rhythms and lyrics are wrapped in their own tough and sincere kind of blues. The French language unites regions of the world that bear common burdens; geopolitics and emotions are intermixed. Many artists present in this collection didn't have the good fortune of finding a receptive audience at the time; I think that current issues around migration and identity will give special resonance to these words and this music. This project, which is both musical and heritage-related, meets a specific need: bringing forth (and back) these voices for new generations living in France who lack identification with something. This record is thus a declaration, a piece of memory to show us that the window of possibilities was open for a short time, before being closed up again, plunging us into individualism, a short-term outlook, and a lack of projects to improve society."Features: Jean-Marie Tjibaou, Joby Bernabé, Lena Lesca, Alfred Panou & Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Léon Gontran Damas, Slimane Azem & Cheikh Nourredine, Manno Charlemagne, Guy Cornely, Groupement Culturel Renault, Colette Magny, Salah Sadaoui, Võ Nguyên Giáp, Les Colombes De La Révolution, Hô Chi Minh, Peloquin / Sauvageau, Francis Bebey, Pierre Akendengue, Eugêne Mona, Dane Belany, Troupe El Assifa, Dansons Avec Les Travailleurs Immigrés, and Abdoulaye Cissé.
PRICE: $14.00
VA Inex EP08 12"
With this release, the Inhale Exhale Records posse bring you an international cocktail of House crème de la creme -- from heavy club stompers over garage-ish snare rolls to deep, soulful excursions. 100% dancefloor exhilarating. Features Tom Jay, Street Choice, Paul Rudder & Hurlee, Kevin Over, and Max Telaer. Edition of 300.
PRICE: $14.50
DELGADO, DAVID Free Until 4 12"
Les Enfants Terribles Music (L.E.T. Music) present their new release Free Until 4, produced by David Delgado and including a remix by Steve O'Sullivan.
PRICE: $31.00
Le Très Jazz Club present the first reissue Naosuke Miyamoto Sextet's Step!, originally released in 1973. A fantastic modal jazz LP, led by Naosuke Myamoto on bass, with Masayoshi Yoneda on the piano and Takashi Goto on saxophone. On "One For Trane", the group delivers a strong and amazing moment of spiritual jazz. Also features Kunji Shigi (trumpet), Takashi Furuya, and Shoji Nakayama (drums). Produced by Takeshi Jujii. Recorded on August 25, 1973. Le Très Jazz Club keeps on exploring the Three Blind Mice catalog with this reissue, marking their seventh release.
PRICE: $12.00
MOOLAH Woe Ye Demons Possessed LP
2019 repress. Self-described as "...a cosmic rock relaxation creation to elevate sensory awareness to include the aura of intuitive perception of higher realm of human/divine consciousness using the astral body projection experience vehicle to pierce time/space/logic dimension barriers on the return voyage to the ultimate concept." Exact replica reissue of this classic 1974 private press LP. Previously reissued on CD via Em Records in Japan. On Stapleton's NWW list, of course. Moolah were a duo of Walter Burns and Maurice Roberson. "The [kozumitsuku] psychedelic album where 1974, two youths of New York are identified [mura] and announce. The piano, the keyboard and the percussion musical instrument electric set and electronic sound, esoteric Buddhism vocal sound, drawn, concrete sound, the delay effect, it is the work which is formed with tape opposite revolution."
MFF 15028EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: MFF 15028EP
FREAKS Let's Do It Again Part 3 12"
Music For Freaks are chuffed to off the third in the series Let's Do It Again series. Chilean anti-hero Ricardo Villalobos delivers a tripped-out, discordant tech mix of the Freaks track, "He's Angry". A track properly hidden in the Freaks DAT vaults from the 1990s, "Unbeknown To Us" finally sees the light of day. The Martinez Brothers make their MFF debut with nothing but good vibes, a true rip snorting tech house remix of "Time". TCK 808 whip-up an excellent stripped 808, electro-hop mix of "Turning Orange" with low slung electro beats, minor key atmospherics, and nostalgic 80s vocal pitch-shifts.
NR 114CD
PRICE: $16.00
CAT #: NR 114CD
NEUROSIS & JARBOE Neurosis & Jarboe CD
"Neurot Recordings are proud to reissue the landmark collaboration Neurosis & Jarboe, which was originally released in 2003. This latest version is fully remastered and with entirely new artwork from Aaron Turner, available on vinyl for the first time, as well as CD and digital formats. When two independent and distinct spheres overlap, the resulting ellipse tends to emphasize the most striking and powerful characteristics of each body. Such is the case with this particular collaboration between heavy music pioneers Neurosis and the multi-faceted performer Jarboe (who performed in Swans and who has collaborated with an array of people from Blixa Bargeld, J.G. Thirlwell, Attila Csihar, Bill Laswell, Merzbow, Justin K. Broadrick, Helen Money, Father Murphy, the list goes on...) The musicians pull from one another some of the most harrowing and unusual sounds ever heard from either artist at the time -- a sentiment which also rings true to some fifteen years later. The collaboration is a deeply textured mosaic that is a culmination of merged aesthetics from two major influences on free-thinking sounds. It unlocked the hidden potential of electronic music as a new force in heavy rock. At a time when groups like Oneida, Wolf Eyes and Black Dice were beginning to experiment with technology in making mind-numbing leaden electro-drone freed from any essence of 'dance music,' Neurosis & Jarboe redefined all notions of their past -- and outlined the course of heavy music to come."
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: NSP 017LP
TOBIAS. Studio Works 1986-1988 LP
Tobias. on Studios Works 1986-1988: "In 1985, I started working as a sound engineer in the famed Far Studios of German hit producer legend Frank Farian in Rosbach near Frankfurt, and there had an array of gear at my disposal that not many producers could afford, and know how to use in consequence. In the center a high-end Neve studio desk, but also the finest machines created by mythic brands like Linn, Kurzweil, Publison, or Quantec. Confronted with this considerable amount of opportunities on a daily basis, I soon decided to use what I was surrounded with for my own musical ideas, and started experimenting with it in my spare time. My perception of sounds quickly surpassed what I had known before. The equipment offered me many possibilities to position sounds within a song and I learnt how to compose by filling up all the places in between the speakers. There was not only left and right but near and far as well, and even up and down. My preferred perspective grew to be that of standing in front of the speakers, 'looking down' on a song from a slightly higher position. The material was recorded on analogue reel-to-reel audiotape, which I subsequently edited and deconstructed manually with a razor blade, an edit block and a roll of audio splicing tape." Second album of archival material, never released before.
PRICE: $14.50
EMRA GRID Shay's Vacation House LP
2017 release. Emra Grid's Shay's Vacation House is a work that feels suspended in time -- both ancient and modern -- a microcosm that ceases to exist in any particular time or space. Cinematic opening piece "Land Is" emerges like a newly discovered fossil or relic with all the intricate beauty preserved. Sonic messages of a troubled past are etched into precious metals buried in rock. The listener is the alchemist, extracting heart-wrenching modern classical arcs. Emra Grid's second Opal Tape is a profoundly beautiful work, loaded with emotional weight. Beneath its dark exterior, it exudes a tangible, elegant beauty -- an inexplicable feeling that cannot be articulated but needs to be experienced. A window into the heart and mind of its creator.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: PAN 104LP
Aspiring to connect with a world beyond our consciousness and our planet, nimiia vibié sounds the interactions between a neural network, audio recordings of early Martian language, and microscopic footage of extremophilic space bacteria. Here, the computer is a medium, channeling messages from entities that usually cannot speak. However, it is also an alien of our creation. Drawing on nimiia cétiï, Jenna Sutela's project on machine learning and interspecies communication, the record manifests a more-than-human language. This language is based on the computer's interpretation of a Martian tongue from the late 1800s, originally channeled by the French medium Hélène Smith and now voiced by Sutela, as well as the movement of Bacillus subtilis, an extreme loving bacterium that, according to recent spaceflight experimentation, can survive on Mars. The bacterium is also present in natt?, or fermented soybeans, a probiotic food considered as a secret to long life. Beyond Bacterial-Martian culture, or Martian gut bacteria, the project attempts to express the nonhuman condition of computers that work as our interlocutors and infrastructure. Personnel: Miako Klein - contrabass recorder; Shin-Joo Morgantini - flute; Ville Haimala - sound production. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.Jenna Sutela works with words, sounds, and other living materials. Her audiovisual pieces, sculptures, and performances seek to identify and react to precarious social and material moments, often in relation to technology. Sutela's work has been presented at museums and art contexts internationally, including? Guggenheim Bilbao, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, and Serpentine Galleries. She is a Visiting Artist at The MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST) in 2019-20. The project originates in n-dimensions, Google Arts & Culture's artist-in-residence program at Somerset House Studios. Machine learning in collaboration with Memo Akten and Damien Henry.
PRICE: $27.50
KORDA, CHRIS Akoko Ajeji 2x12"
2x12" version. New album by Chris Korda. Akoko Ajeji means "Strange Time" in Yoruba. All the tracks on the album are in complex polymeter, determining not only the rhythm, but the harmony too. The result is an intricate but non-random pattern of interference. Vizyon means "trance" in Haitian Creole; Its polymeter repeats after 155,195,040 beats (roughly 805 days) and has a Greatest Prime Factor of 19. Asiri means "secrets" in Yoruba; Its polymeter repeats after 14,894,880 beats (roughly 80 days) and has a Greatest Prime Factor of 31. Iyika means "circles" or "revolution" in Yoruba; Its polymeter repeats after 58,198,140 beats (roughly 300 days) and has a Greatest Prime Factor of 19. Ala Aye means "dream world" or "space bound" in Yoruba; Its polymeter repeats after 118,731,810,156,960 beats (roughly 1.7 million years) and has a Greatest Prime Factor of 37. Awose means "template" or "stencil" in Yoruba; Its polymeter repeats after 5,785,219,440 beats (roughly 85 years) and has a Greatest Prime Factor of 349. Ra Bayi means "buy now" in Yoruba; Its polymeter repeats after 629,909,280 beats (roughly 8.6 years) and has a Greatest Prime Factor of 23. Ra Mi means "buy me" in Yoruba; Its polymeter repeats after 480 beats (3 minutes and 26 seconds) and has a Greatest Prime Factor of 5. Egungun is Yoruba for "bones" or "ancestors" in the collective sense; Its polymeter repeats after 27,720 beats (3:33:14 in elapsed time) and has a Greatest Prime Factor of 11. Dek Sep Bluso means "seventeen blues" in Esperanto; Its polymeter repeats after 16,336,320 beats (roughly 91 days) and has a Greatest Prime Factor of 17. Fazo Kanto means "phase song" in Esperanto; Its polymeter repeats after 78,540 beats (roughly 10 hours) and has a Greatest Prime Factor of 17.
PRICE: $14.00
GREYMATTER Sans Rouge EP 12"
Sans Rouge EP is a return to Greymatter's sampling roots reminiscent of his early works on WOLF Music. A record that sits half way between house and hip-hop, in terms of style and tempo. "Sans Rouge" epitomizes that mood: starting out with a hip-hop groove that drops into a beat-down house chugger. "Royale" drops things down to an even slower motion with another tough beat down groove, chopped and driven key samples, and a catchy vocal chop. "Move Slow" has its first proper release. "Billy O" finishes things off with a slamming, choppy club jam laden with strings and vocals.
RM 4110LP
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: RM 4110LP
Australian electronic composer Todd Anderson-Kunert creates a deeply reductive electronic drone work for Moog System 55. Every recording project explores a gap that exists between uncertainty and realisation. It can be a treacherous zone of investigation, one that can frustrate as easily as it can reward. In this expanse of possibility, artists and musicians traverse a particular set of variables within which the potentials for their chosen work are realised. When Australia artist Todd Anderson-Kunert, commenced work on his debut edition for Room40, Conjectures, he was intent on approaching this zone of entanglement with equal doses of curiosity and strategy. Undertaking a residency at Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio, which is run by Room40 comrade Robin Fox and artist Byron Scullin, Anderson-Kunert began trawling through the vast array of synthesisers within the facility. After some time, he began to realise the answer to the creation of Conjectures did not lie in some survey of modern electronics, but rather an interrogation of one machine. With this strategy in grasp, he sat at their Moog System 55 Synthesizer, one of only a few existing in the world and set about creating a delicate but richly timbral album of reductive electronics.From Todd: "I feel I don't know much, it's not that I feel stupid, but often I feel like I'm trying to engage with the world while simultaneously trying to understand it. It's a gap in some form of knowledge I've learnt to appreciate, a contemplation of details and how they relate, but where many are still unknown. When trying to translate this feeling into linear form, the word 'Conjecture' feels appropriate, mainly due to a complimentary duality of meaning. There is the 'formation of conclusions based on incomplete evidence', and so there is a form of understanding and comprehension without knowing. However there was also what was referred to as an 'obsolete' use, which was the interpretation of occult signs. And so here there is a similar type of guesswork happening, however the material that is being considered could be described as ephemeral, experiential, or maybe at times non-tangible . . . Sonically it uses only electronic sounds in order to interrogate frequency, dynamics, and timbre, being influenced by genres of noise, modern classical, ambient and varieties of electronic experimentation. Recordings that were close to me during this period include works by Eliane Radigue, Sarah Davachi, Pan Sonic, Stephen O'Malley, Okkyung Lee, and The Haters..."
RLP 3208LP
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: RLP 3208LP
MULELID TRIO, KJETIL What You Thought Was Home LP+CD
LP version. Includes CD. Eight new beguiling Kjetil Mulelid compositions expertly balancing energetic, often rhythmically complex and harmonically rich music with beautiful and evocative melodies. It's not all about Mulelid though, bassist Bjørn Marius Hegge (31) and drummer Andreas Skår Winther (28) effortlessly conjure additional layers, tones, and textures, incorporating a sense of calm; an unhurried yet constantly unfolding sound world which can be said to be distinctively Scandinavian, most typically heard in Hegge's sole composition "Bruremarsj (Wedding March)". Kjetil André Mulelid grew up in the small village of Hurdal, and started playing the piano when he was nine, after hearing Chopin on the stereo. In high school, he had the good fortune of studying with some inspiring piano teachers. Later he received a bachelor's degree in jazz performance at NTNU in Trondheim, again being blessed with top teachers, such as Erling Aksdal, Vigleik Storaas, and Espen Berg. He is also a member of jazz quartet Wako. Bjørn Marius Hegge has been making waves on the Norwegian jazz scene lately, with his quintet's debut album Hegge winning a Norwegian Grammy. He also has his own trio with pianist Oscar Grönberg and young drummer ace Hans Hulbækmo.
PRICE: $21.00
HOUSE GUESTS My Mind Set Me Free: The House Guests Meet The Complete Strangers & Bootsy, Phelps & Gary LP
"A slab of Cincinnati hard funk slammers -- most reissued (legally) for the first time! Post JB's / Pre-P-funk outfits headed up by brothers Catfish & Bootsy Collins along with a Cincinnati who's-who of top club players who could turn it out night after night after night in places like The Psychedelic Grave or The Round Up Club that featured a caged bear in the club! This selection, hand-picked by Bootsy, highlights that youthful output under various names as the House Guests, The Complete Strangers & Bootsy, Phelps & Gary -- the monikers may have changed but that's the only thing. All tracks remastered from the original master tapes."
SS 077EP
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: SS 077EP
"Stop looking back for something you left behind. The future holds the thing you need to find." "The new EP sees the Detroit house artist working with an array of musicians, including Lori (Laura Christoforidis) on vocals, Silentjay -- who released a collaborative EP on Rhythm Section -- on sax and three members of the popular neo-soul group Hiatus Kaiyote, Simon Mavin, Perrin Moss and Paul Bender, on keys, drums and bass respectively. There are two versions of the title track on the EP. Parrish's mix is on the A-side, with an alternate mix from Dego." --Resident Advisor
SR 164LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: SR 164LP
VA Institute Of Sonology 1959-1969 2LP
Early electronic music from 1959 to 1969 produced by the Institute of Sonology/Instituut voor sonologie, in Utrecht, Holland. Works composed by Dick Raaijmakers, Frits Weiland, Ton Bruynel, Konrad Boehmer, Gottfried Michael Koenig, and Rainer Riehn. Raw material -- a real revolution: music produced by machines designed to construct a new era. Officially founded on September 1, 1960, at the instigation of several people representing cultural institutions, the Institute for Sonology had already taken initiatives in the field of electroacoustic music since 1954. A large complex of studios (initially under the name STEM = STudio voor Electronische Muziek) was set up under the patronage of Utrecht University in an old house on Plompetorengracht in Utrecht. Instruments, machines, and tapes (among them, that of Varèse's "Electronic Poem") coming from Philips laboratories. Double-LP includes insert.Notes on the five radical composers featured here. Ton Bruyneel: The realization of "Reflexen" took place at the Institute for Sonology and in the composer's private studio. Brunèl has written numerous works for tape and for tape and live instrumentalist. Gottfried Michael Koenig: He studied church music in Braunschweig and composition in Detmold. From 1954 to 1963 he worked at the famous studio for electronic music of the West German Radio (WDR) in Cologne. From 1964-1984, he was the artistic director of the Institute for Sonology. Koenig is one of the pioneering composers of electronic and computer music of the first generation of post-WW2 composers. Dick Raaijmakers: Born in Maastricht, he studied piano at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. From 1957-1960 he joined the Studio for electronic music at Philips in Eindhoven. Rainer Riehn: Born in Danzig, in 1960 he studied composition under Johannes Aschenbrenner and then (until 1963) at the Robert-Schumann Conservatory in Dusseldorf. Until 1966 he studied music in Mainz, Zurich and Berlin. In 1965-66, he participated in courses on electronic music in Utrecht under the direction of G.M. Koenig. Frits Weiland: He enjoyed a technical as well as a musical education. After working for the Dutch Radio and television broadcasting system, he worked from 1961 to 1990 for the Institute for Sonology. Konrad Boehmer (1941-2014): Born in Berlin, from 1959 to 1961 he studied composition under Godfried Michael Koenig. From 1961 to 1963, he worked in the electronic studio of the Cologne Radio (WDR) where one of his creations was "Position" for tape, voice, and orchestra.
SR 482LP
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CAT #: SR 482LP
Kalmyks (Oirats) are part of the Western Mongolian ethnos, living on the territory of modern Russia. Tatiana Dordzhieva and Maria Beltsykova were deported to Siberia. The two energetic and charismatic grand mammas present here traditional Kalmyks songs (songs about the deportation of Kalmyks in 1943-1944) and Soviet Folklore. This is the first collaboration between Ored Recordings and Sub Rosa."In early November 2014 we went to Kalmykia. Our goal was the local 'Dzhangar' epic. The epic genre, as one of the most archaic, can be called a basis for Kalmyk music culture. We met up with Maria Beltsikova and Tatiana Dordzhieva in this village. On the day of our meeting we were able to record more than twenty songs. In the repertoire of Maria and Tatiana there have been religious Buddhist songs, droning laments, ceremonial wedding songs, heroic ballads about Kalmyks in the Patriotic War 1812, and, of course, Soviet folklore. The songs of the 'red' period was presented with a variety of songs: praising the Communist Party and workers of the collective farms and songs about the deportation of Kalmyks in 1943-1944." --Bulat Khalilov (Ored Recordings)LCDM / ethographic series: Since the beginning of its foundation, Sub Rosa has been interested in ethnographic recordings -- among the milestones: the Inuit anthology, the Bhutan recordings by John Levy . . . more recently, the works of David Toop (Yamomami shamanism) and Ragnar Johnson (Yemen, Ethiopia, recorded in the early 1970s). The time in which the recording is done, it matters a lot because it also captures the air of that Time. On the other hand, the label can only feel it from where they are. It is in this state of mind that they start again a cycle of recordings where the ancient past connects current times.
GB 077LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: GB 077LP
Restocked; LP version. 180 gram vinyl. Includes download code. Park Jiha's debut album Communion (GB 057CD/LP) -- released internationally by tak:til in 2018 -- drew well deserved attention to the young Korean instrumentalist/composer's vivid sound world. The widely acclaimed album graced 2018 critics lists at The Wire, Pop Matters, and the Guardian. Her new album Philos -- which she calls an evocation of her "love for time, space and sound" -- is every bit as inventive, elegant, and transcendent as her debut. While Park Jiha's music is often contextualized by its kinship with minimalism, ambient, and chamber jazz, her creative backbone is Korean traditional music. Jiha formally studied both its theory and practice and has mastered three of its most emblematic instruments: Piri (double reed bamboo flute), saenghwang (mouth organ), and yanggeum (hammered dulcimer). On Communion, Park Jiha wove these ancient instruments into an ensemble sound that included other musicians contributing on vibraphone, saxophone, bass clarinet, and percussion. The effect felt revelatory; it seemed to naturally evoke Jon Hassell's "Fourth World" ethos, morphing across time and tradition. Philos is both an extension of, and a swerve away from, her previous record. It shares its predecessor's patience and deeply resonant hypnotic effects. It similarly looks to the future, while continuing to converse with a rich instrumental language from the past. But the overall tone and intent feels much more interior and personal -- more rarefied. Whereas Communion featured the classic sound field of a group of musicians playing in a room, Philos trades that for more density and concentration. Each sound has been given the artist's full attention. In Greek, "Philos" is the plural for "philo" which can mean "love" or "the liking of a specified thing." The album's compositions include "Arrival", which slowly introduces every sound featured on the record. The gift of unexpected rain in the heat of midsummer is heard on "Thunder Shower". "Easy" is a poem written and recited by the Lebanese artist Dima El Sayed who visited Korea to participate in the Hwaeom Spiritual Music Ritual and was inspired by Park Jiha's work. The title track "Philos" was created by overlapping sounds and stretching time. "Walker: In Seoul" evokes the vivid soundscape of the city in which Jiha lives. "When I Think If Her" features the ghostly melodies of the yanggeum and saenghwang. Park Jiha reaches for a sturdy simplicity. A borderless connection between her life and her accomplished musical art.
TR 432LP
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: TR 432LP
LP version. 6 Lenins, the third album release from The Proper Ornaments, sees the band master their seemingly effortless but finely-wrought sound as their songwriting prowess refuses to plateau. Fresh from an US tour in autumn 2018, the London jangle pop group led by James Hoare (also of Ultimate Painting/Veronica Falls) and Max Claps (Toy) went into James' home studio in Finsbury Park, London and made their finest recordings to date on a newly-installed 16 track Studer machine -- joined by Danny Nellis (Charles Howl) on bass and Bobby Syme (Wesley Gonzalez) on drums. Having escaped deep, twisting tunnels of illness, divorce and drug abuse to release their second record in January 2017, it's unsurprising they sound sunnier this time around. What their supremely melodic work suggests is a nonchalance or naivety but is in fact an expensively-bought slice of coherence and clarity within a constantly shifting backdrop to their lives and landscapes. The band exists as an unassuming and resilient organism in a fiercely competitive, trashed environmental niche. Throughout their years of hard-edged music industry Darwinism, they've shown longevity and growth scuttling from the wreckage of their previous guitar bands to become one united organism. "We started writing new songs in the summer. I was in bed recovering from hepatitis and very broken and tired so couldn't do anything else apart from playing guitar," says Max, "and the songs slowly started to appear. In August we realized we had five new songs each and free time, so we decided to record them. The actual recording only took two weeks and it was considerably easier than our previous recordings." The speed with which 6 Lenins was made suggests the two songwriters managed to keep a keen focus on what they wanted to achieve, further finessing the balance of conflict and collaboration that lends their sweet, succinct tunes their nervous energy; this is well-crafted songwriting and controlled sonics despite a zealous analog sensibility. The opener "Apologies", sets out stridently and the mood and momentum, even as one weaves through some more somber moments, never dips before soaring with the Velvets-y propeller riff of live favorite "In the Garden" to end the record.
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: TKR 086CD
PERRY & MR. GREEN, LEE "SCRATCH" Super Ape vs Open Door CD
"Tuff Kong Records will be releasing the brand new collaboration between Jamaican legend Lee Scratch Perry and New Jersey producer Mr. Green: the Super Ape vs ?: Open Door EP. The two artists have created a unique chemistry, delivering 18 tracks of music that Mr. Green has put together using original stems from Lee Scratch Perry. Mixed with his own unique style, Green managed to merge literally 20 different genres of music together on one record, bringing some memorable guests to the project such as HR of Bad Brains, Sheek Louch (The Lox), Daniel Son and an intro from Eric 'Scratch' Andre."
PRICE: $26.50
NURSE WITH WOUND Soliloquy For Lilith 3CD
Originally recorded and released in 1988, Nurse With Wound's ambient opus was years ahead of its time, a ground-breaking set of atmospheric sound patterns designed for ritual ceremonies. Hailed as a masterpiece on release, it soon became a firm favorite of NWW fans and topped the world ambient chart for over three months. Originally a limited-edition, three-album set housed in a handsome 12-inch gold and black foil embossed box, this new edition, a CD facsimile of the original vinyl set, contains the entire album, plus 40 minutes of superb quality, previously unreleased music from the original sessions that did not appear on the vinyl. A green foil blocked cover and new parchment insert makes this one of Dirter Promotion's most elegant and desirable releases to date.
PRICE: $27.50
CAT #: VEN 176LP
WITCHCULT Cantate Of The Black Mass LP
LP version. Occult black metal from Denmark featuring members of Ligfaerd and Serpent Lair. The music is a blasphemous unity of the violent and the vicious, the sinister and the sepulchral. It was conceived to reflect the liturgical format of the lyrics, devoted to Satan and the way of the witch, each a cantata in a sacrament in his name. After the release of the debut album, Cantate Of The Black Mass, drummer Arent and guitarist Erebos joined the cult to begin work on their next liturgy.
VL 900199LP
PRICE: $33.00
CAT #: VL 900199LP
CREAM Wheels of Fire (Golden Jacket) 2LP
Wheels of Fire is the third album by the British rock band Cream. It was released in August 1968 as a two-disc vinyl LP, with one disc recorded in the studio and the other recorded live. It reached number three in the United Kingdom and number one in the United States, becoming the world's first platinum-selling double-album. The band's drummer Ginger Baker co-wrote three songs for the album with pianist Mike Taylor. Bassist Jack Bruce co-wrote four songs with poet Pete Brown. Guitarist Eric Clapton contributed to the album by choosing two older blues songs, For the second disc, Felix Pappalardi chose "Traintime" because it featured Jack Bruce performing a harmonica solo, and "Toad" because it features Ginger Baker's drumming while "Spoonful" and "Crossroads" were used to showcase Eric Clapton's guitar playing. Gold sleeve; 180 gram vinyl.
VL 900310LP
PRICE: $33.00
CAT #: VL 900310LP
GAYE, MARVIN Let's Get It On 2LP
2019 repress. Two 180-gram LPs with 15 bonus tracks from the deluxe CD edition. Despite his huge success with his 1971 political concept album What's Going On, Marvin Gaye left social concerns behind for those of a more intimate nature with this 1973 album. Let's Get It On album broke new ground, gaining its place in history as one of the most sexual albums ever recorded, laying the basis for every slow jam ever after, and making Gaye both socially concerned and sexy -- a potent commercial combination.
PRICE: $34.50
VA This Is Mainstream! 2LP
Double LP version. Wewantsounds continues its collaboration with Bob Shad's grandchildren, Mia and Judd Apatow, to present a selection of 13 turntable-friendly Mainstream Records tracks recorded between 1970 and 1973. Ultimate breaks and beats from Mainstream Records. The Mainstream sound is unmistakable: Earthy, rich and funky, it's the signature sound of producer Bob Shad. After working with such geniuses as Charlie Parker, The Platters, Billie Holiday, and Janis Joplin over three decades, Shad decided to go back to producing Great Black Music in the early '70s through his label Mainstream Records and started releasing a formidable series of jazz albums known as the 300 series. Released between 1971 and 1974, these albums are the main source of this set. Coincidentally, it opens with one of the two tracks on the tracklist not produced by Shad himself. Saundra Phillips' "Miss Fatback" is nonetheless fascinating as it's one of cult disco producer Greg Carmichael's earliest productions from 1975. The other track not issued by the Shad sound factory is Almeta Lattimore's 7" single "These Memories," a truly great soulful track from 1975 and now a sought-after classic on the international soul scene. Shad's forte was jazz, and the sessions with great musicians, including Bernard Purdie, Billy Hart, Stanley Clarke, Dom Um Romao, Joe Sample, Freddie Robinson, to name just a few. Filled with gorgeous Fender Rhodes chords and heavy basslines, they define the unmistakable Mainstream sound which had one foot in the great jazz and bop tradition and the other in the sonic jazz explorations of the early '70s. Oscillating between jazzed-up covers of soul hits like Jay Berliner's "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" or Afrique's "Kissing My Love" and more introspective originals such as Hal Galper's "This Moment" or Dave Hubbard's "T.B.'s Delight", They all have this perfect balance between groove and depth. One perfect example is Pete Yellin's "Bird And The Ouija Board", a superb 12-minute opus starting off with a deep abstract improvisation before switching to an up-tempo funk beat. Shad had a long-standing association with such jazz divas and this side is represented here by Maxine Weldon's beautifully breezy version of David Gates' standard "Make It With You" and Sarah Vaughan's superb "Just A Little Lovin'". Also features December's Children, Blue Mitchell, Reggie Moore, and Buddy Terry. Most of the tracks released for the first time since their original release. Remastered from the original tapes. Liner notes by UK journalist Paul Bowler.
PRICE: $15.50
ASHIKAWA, SATOSHI Still Way (Wave Notation 2) CD
WRWTFWW Records announce the reissue of Satoshi Ashikawa's Still Way (Wave Notation 2). Initially released in 1982 as part of the Wave Notation series (which includes Hiroshi Yoshimura's Music For Nine Postcards), Still Way is, without a doubt, a seminal Japanese environmental/ambient/minimalism album, often mentioned alongside Midori Takada's Through The Looking Glass (1983) (WRWTFWW 018LP, WRWTFWW 019CD/LP) and Hiroshi Yoshimura's Green (1986) as one of the genre's most important pieces. "Like the moment of stillness, after the wind passes through the garden, when the rain stops for a brief second..." Notably inspired by Erik Satie's Furniture Music and Brian Eno's ambient work, Satoshi Ashikawa aimed to compose music "intended to be listened to in a casual manner, as a musical landscape or a sound object -- not something that would stimulate listeners but music that should drift like smoke and become part of the environment." The result is simply phenomenal, subtle minimalism and emotional elegance exquisitely orchestrated by Satoshi Ishikawa and his team consisting of his wife Masami Ashikawa (on flute), Midori Takada (on vibraphone), Yuko Utsumi (on harp), Tomoko Sono (on piano), and Junko Arase (on vibraphone). In conjunction with Still Way, WRWTFWW Records is releasing Laistigh den Ghleo (WRWTFWW 039CD/LP), a companion album by Irish ambient/minimalist composer Gareth Quinn Redmond, inspired by Ashikawa's approach. Liner notes by Midori Takada, Satoshi Ashikawa, and Gareth Quinn Redmond. CD version includes a bonus track.
PRICE: $26.50
ASHIKAWA, SATOSHI Still Way (Wave Notation 2) LP
LP version. 350gsm sleeve with selected UV high gloss varnish. Liner notes by Midori Takada, Satoshi Ashikawa, and Gareth Quinn Redmond. WRWTFWW Records announce the reissue of Satoshi Ashikawa's Still Way (Wave Notation 2). Initially released in 1982 as part of the Wave Notation series (which includes Hiroshi Yoshimura's Music For Nine Postcards), Still Way is, without a doubt, a seminal Japanese environmental/ambient/minimalism album, often mentioned alongside Midori Takada's Through The Looking Glass (1983) (WRWTFWW 018LP, WRWTFWW 019CD/LP) and Hiroshi Yoshimura's Green (1986) as one of the genre's most important pieces. "Like the moment of stillness, after the wind passes through the garden, when the rain stops for a brief second..." Notably inspired by Erik Satie's Furniture Music and Brian Eno's ambient work, Satoshi Ashikawa aimed to compose music "intended to be listened to in a casual manner, as a musical landscape or a sound object -- not something that would stimulate listeners but music that should drift like smoke and become part of the environment." The result is simply phenomenal, subtle minimalism and emotional elegance exquisitely orchestrated by Satoshi Ishikawa and his team consisting of his wife Masami Ashikawa (on flute), Midori Takada (on vibraphone), Yuko Utsumi (on harp), Tomoko Sono (on piano), and Junko Arase (on vibraphone). In conjunction with Still Way, WRWTFWW Records is releasing Laistigh den Ghleo (WRWTFWW 039CD/LP), a companion album by Irish ambient/minimalist composer Gareth Quinn Redmond, inspired by Ashikawa's approach. Liner notes by Midori Takada, Satoshi Ashikawa, and Gareth Quinn Redmond.
PRICE: $15.50
WRWTFWW Records announce the release of Irish ambient/minimalist producer Gareth Quinn Redmond's Laistigh den Ghleo, a companion album to Satoshi Ashikawa's Still Way (Wave Notation 2) (WRWTFWW 030CD/LP). "Conceptually derived from the work of Japanese minimalist composer Satoshi Ashikawa, I have composed an album which hopes to engage, enrich and reflect the listener's surroundings, an Environmental Music" --Gareth Quinn Redmond. Working with Still Way as a base for inspiration, Gareth Quinn Redmond takes Ashikawa's meditative sound designs to more dramatic and lyrical landscapes, gracefully instilling his personal touch into the master's melodic patterns and presenting six pieces which blend and reflect the modern listener's ever-changing environment. As Midori Takada explains in the liner notes, "Even though Gareth is deeply influenced by Still Way, he looks above, toward the air and the sky. He pays respect to Ashikawa's approach, but adds bold elements from another dimension -- Satoshi Ashikawa aspired to crystallize the sound structure of nature that exists in the environment. Gareth tries to capture what flourishes out of it." Laistigh den Ghleo is released in conjunction with Satoshi Ashikawa's Still Way (Wave Notation 2) reissue on WRWTFWW Records. Liner Notes by Midori Takada and Gareth Quinn Redmond.
PRICE: $26.50
LP version. 350gsm sleeve with selected UV high gloss varnish; WRWTFWW Records announce the release of Irish ambient/minimalist producer Gareth Quinn Redmond's Laistigh den Ghleo, a companion album to Satoshi Ashikawa's Still Way (Wave Notation 2) (WRWTFWW 030CD/LP). "Conceptually derived from the work of Japanese minimalist composer Satoshi Ashikawa, I have composed an album which hopes to engage, enrich and reflect the listener's surroundings, an Environmental Music" --Gareth Quinn Redmond. Working with Still Way as a base for inspiration, Gareth Quinn Redmond takes Ashikawa's meditative sound designs to more dramatic and lyrical landscapes, gracefully instilling his personal touch into the master's melodic patterns and presenting six pieces which blend and reflect the modern listener's ever-changing environment. As Midori Takada explains in the liner notes, "Even though Gareth is deeply influenced by Still Way, he looks above, toward the air and the sky. He pays respect to Ashikawa's approach, but adds bold elements from another dimension -- Satoshi Ashikawa aspired to crystallize the sound structure of nature that exists in the environment. Gareth tries to capture what flourishes out of it." Laistigh den Ghleo is released in conjunction with Satoshi Ashikawa's Still Way (Wave Notation 2) reissue on WRWTFWW Records. Liner Notes by Midori Takada and Gareth Quinn Redmond. LP version comes in 350gsm sleeve with selected UV high gloss varnish.
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