Meat Beat Manifesto

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January, 1993

BE 12"/CD Play It Again Sam BIAS232

  1. Mindstream (Stream of Consciousness Mix) - [MOV]
  2. Mindstream (Psychedelically Speaking)
  3. Mindstream (Fire Escape Version)
  4. Paradise Found - [MUTE66517]

Jack Dangers - Vocals, Bass, Mellotron, 100-M System, Samples
Jonny Stephens - Guitar, Lap Steel, Dyna-Mic, Jupiter 8, Samples

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BE 12"/CD Play It Again Sam BIAS232R

  1. Mindstream (Mind the Bend Mix)
  2. Mindstream (Aphex Twin Remix)
  3. Original Control (Electro the Robot)

Orbital - remix (1)
Aphex Twin - remix (2)
DHS - remix (3)

Both singles were combined to a single CD for the US release on Mute, minus "Paradise Found."