The Tear Garden
Для Тех, Ҡто Прогулялся Бьі С Богами (For Those Who Would Walk with the Gods)

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RU CD Brudenia BRTG8

  1. Circles In The Sand - [MP3] [W2-30074]
  2. In Search Of My Rose - [MP3] [W2-30107]
  3. Sheila Liked The Rodeo - [MP3] [W2-6315]
  4. Ascension Day - [MP3] [W2-30107]
  5. White Coats And Haloes - [MP3] [W2-30074]
  6. Isis Veiled - [MP3] [W2-30074]
  7. You And Me And Rainbows (Parts One To Six) - [MP3] [NTL30019]
  8. A Ship Named "Despair" - [MP3] [W2-30074]
  9. The Running Man - [MP3] [W2-30074]
  10. Malice Through The Looking Glass - [MP3] [W2-30107]
  11. Good Evening Houston - [MP3]
  12. Good Night Little Lights - [MP3]

Edward Ka-Spel
Cevin Key
Dwayne R. Goettel
The Silver Man (Phil Knight)
Ryan Moore
David Ogilvie
Martijn de Kleer
De Green Guy

As with the LPDs anthology POI POKA MOZHESH, released on the same label, all text is written in the Russian cyrillic alphabet.
Tracks 11 and 12 are unavailable elsewhere.
Limited to 2000 numbered copies.

The latest in the trend of Russian-released collections has taken the form of a new comp from the Tear Garden. While every album from the group is still in print, this collection is worth mentioning for a few reasons. The type is entirely in Cyrillic, so it should be noted that there are two previously unreleased songs included, "Good Evening Houston" and "Good Night Little Lights" (unlike the last Tear Garden compilation, A Bouquet of Black Orchids which came with nothing extra). It's also limited to a numbered edition of 2000 for those who might be interested. As a compilation, however, it doesn't really pull together -my- favorite tunes nor do I feel it provides an accurate representation of the range of Tear Garden material. Congratulations to the collaborators for including "You and Me and Rainbows" which could easily be one of the greatest songs recorded in the 1980s, yet I'm always picky when it comes to comps, preferring that songs are assembled in some sort of chronology to show a nice progression, this one just seems haphazardly tossed together. New fans looking to experiment with Tear Garden stuff probably shouldn't bother with this collection. The two new songs are a bit of a departure, with the first being an upbeat heavily electronic number, while the second is is more of an experimental downtempo percussively chiming piece. If you can't live without every release, by all means pick it up. The artwork with all these pictures of moss is actually pretty interesting and it's always neat to have a CD in your collection with completely different writing. That plus collections always seems to get me more familiar with songs I might not have been keen on before, as they're taken completely out of context with the rest of the albums they were originally released with. - Jon Whitney, Brainwashed


Nineteen down
Nineteen to go
The crowd's too cool to force a show
We're dog-tired, cat-whipped, underfed, on edge...
Where are we?

Who the hell are you?
We're ???
Courtesy of Belgium, know it...
Where they make the chocolates and the chips

No, I cannot speak the language...(either of them!)
No, I don't know where I get the inspiration
Don't know when this planet will explode in bits...
I do not want to party...
See the sights
Or get real rigor-mortis stoned...

I do not want to sleep with you
I do not want to sleep with you
I do not want to sleep with you

I want to sleep alone in transit
Hunched up like a ball
Inside a stinking bag
Don't worry, brother...
I shall not touch you

Even though our bond is by now very, very holy
I shall not touch you...

Let's hit the road and on we go
Tornadoes, rednecks...
Time they got their guns, hang us high
And let the desert birds consume us

Read your bibles
Burn our bus
And ???
Who the hell are you?
We are SATAN!

Here, I'll sing it backwards...

We've come to eat your veggie sticks
Take your daughters..
We've come to build a temple to
A blessed demon
Never mind his name...
Just be assured that he is bad

Now wasn't that a close one?
Thought they'd throw us to the wolves
I've heard Montana's really pretty
But there's Nazis wall to wall

But we're just tourists here
And sure, we believe in Jesus...

Sure we do
But gotta go now

'Cause North Dakota's calling
And it seems so very far, far away...

You're a pink toothbrush
I'm a blue toothbrush
In a plastic cup
In a place that no one sees...

Not even me...


We thank you for the thunder
Which will wake our dead friends from their sleep
Thank you for the lightning bolt
Which stings and makes those tired hearts beat
Thank you for the rain
Which stimulates and makes them clean again...

Thank you for the joy,
The fearless pain,
The chains eternal.

We thank you for the turmoil in our hearts
When we would turn away.
Thank you for your patience
And we thank you for the will to seek.

Thank you for those ropes around our necks,
Those shackles on our feet...
Thank you for those patches on our eyes
We thank you for our blind respect.

We thank you and we thank you...
For we have to...
Oh lord, there shall be no resentment.