Some Head E.P.

March 1st, 2000

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UK CD EP Threshold House Eskaton 21

  1. Black Nurse - [MP3]
  2. Tudor Fruits

John Balance
Hans Jürgen Raüsch

Limited to 1000 copies.

From the release notes:
"This CD was initially sold at the Royal Festival Hall event with Coil and is now being made available to the general public. Some Head consists of two pieces of music: 'Black Nurse' & 'Tudor Fruits'. Full-time Coil member Thighpaulsandra takes care of synthesisers/piano/horn/vocals and is joined by Coil's John Balance on vocals/text and Hans Jürgen Raüsch takes care of enforcement/retractors. The CD is housed in a sheer Black c-shell package and comes with a sticker on the front. Thighpaulsandra plays keyboards for Spiritualised and Julian Cope. "