The Michel Publicity Window E.P.


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UK CD EP/7" Threshold House Eskaton 27

  1. Michel Publicity Window
  2. Paralysed* - [MP3]
  3. Hovercar Von Düsseldorf - [MP3]
  4. Fouled* - [MP3]

*CD only tracks

John Balance
Siôn Orgon
Martin Schellard
Butros Muller

7" on amber coloured vinyl, 500 copies only.

From the release notes:
"Coil & Spiritualized member and eccentric genius Thighpaulsandra's latest release is the fantastical 4 track CD EP 'Michel Publicity Window'. 'Michel' is a different version from the track that appeared on the hugely successful I, Thighpaulsandra CD & LP. 'Michel' is complemented by 3 brand new tracks exclusively available on this CD EP.
'Michel Publicity Window' - a single-length remix of one of the most popular tracks from the album 'I, Thighpaulsandra'.
'Paralysed' features the voice of erotic singer Siôn Orgon buried in an Avalanche of lip-gloss and electronics.
'Hovercar Von Düsseldorf' - a distant memory of escape from a damaged Childhood in the Fatherland.
'Fouled' - An invocation of the Godfly Tsunsai with vocals from Thighpaulsandra and John Balance, guitar and bass from Martin Schellard and Drums from Siôn Orgon.
Digipak cover complemented by the artwork of Peter Christopherson and John Balance.
Thighpaulsandra - Piano, Synthesizers, Vocals
Jon Balance - Vocals & Text
Siôn Orgon - Drum Kit, Percussion, Gongs & Bells
Martin Schellard - Guitars & Bass
Butros Muller - Staal - Electronic Percussion."