The Legendary Pink Dots
Live at Centralino, 15.2.1987, Torino, Italy

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IT CS Old Europa Cafe

  1. Love Puppets
  2. Curious Guy
  3. Jewel In The Crown
  4. Premonition 16
  5. Echo Police
  6. I'm The Way, The Truth, The Light
  7. Poppy Day
  8. The Dairy
  9. Flowers For The Silverman
  10. The Jungle
  11. The Hill
  12. The Heretic

Edward Ka-Spel - vocals
Phil Harmonix - synthesizers
Patrick Wright - violin
Stret Majest Alarme - guitar
Jason Salmon - bass guitar
Hanz Myre - mix electronic

This release was first released as a bootleg, but was later sanctioned by the LPDs.