Edward Ka-Spel
Dance, China Doll

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UK 12" In Phaze HAZ 6

side a

  1. Moments [MP3] [PHA6, LD8944]

side b

  1. Even Now [MP3] [PHA6, SOL60, LD8944] [iTunes]
  2. Dance Of The China Dolls [MP3] [PHA6]

Edward Ka-Spel - vox, keyboards, percussion, attempted violin
Lilly Ak - lady voice
Pat Bermingham - engineering

Limited to 2000 copies, some with a promotional interview sheet.


Watching stormclouds gather, from the beach - hands clutched tight together. Hear the siren howl for the last retreat to caverns underground. Bolt the doors ; Keep the sound away with pillows. Swallow pills. Heads are clutched between the knees. It only lasts a moment... Shall we do it here? Leave our clothes, tiptoe down the pier. And just the butler's peering, but he won't say what he saw. No-one's paying anymore, only us - we'll use our change. We'll play the rifle range, the space invaders. We'll steal a lemonade and sip it for just a moment. If it's really finished ; if the horror story is true and distant figures play with buttons ...well, I still have you. We'll lie her til the end. Let them send what they like. I have a feeling we'll survive for more than just a moment. For eternity. Our love can move a mountain, turn the ocean into wine, turn the sky into kaleidoscopes ; twist time. Going backwards 'til the first time. Let's live it once again -for more than just a moment...For eternity

Even Now

Mistakes were made and prices paid - The scars across your wrists. The twist inside - I know you're hiding. Even now. Have you changed? Do you forget? you still regret the day you met me - even now? You feel the bandage itching as you're sweating in the white light - feel the tethescope press down, even now? (Don't you think I feel it too, even now?) It had to be, and now I'm missing you and want to start again - we'll start with flowers and a row, even now! We'll never settle down... No never... even now...But still the fire's burning. It's burning just for you. Is it burning for me too, even now? We're locked-up for eternity.. locked together, even now...