Edward Ka-Spel
Perhaps We'll Only See a Thin Blue Line...

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BE LP LD/Play it Again Sam LD 8944

side a

  1. Moments [MP3] [PHA6, HAZ6]
  2. Even Now [MP3] [PHA6, SOL60, HAZ6] [iTunes]
  3. And the Lord Said "Rise" [MP3] [SOL29, MT114]
  4. Tikko [MP3] [SOL29, MT114]
  5. Splash [TEKA04]

side b

  1. The Fool, With Hammers [MT114]
  2. The Unspeakable Revenge Of The Killer Grapefruit [TEKA04]
  3. Chasing the Carrion [TEKA04]
  4. Volicie [MP3] [SOL29, MT114]
  5. Jesus Wept

Edward Ka-Spel - vox, keyboards, percussion, attempted violin
Lilly Ak - lady voice
Stret Majest - guitar, drums, glox
Hanz Myer - electronix

A collection of tracks from the Dance China Doll 12", live material, compilation appearances, and other rarities and previously unreleased work.
Limited to 2000 copies.


Watching stormclouds gather, from the beach - hands clutched tight together. Hear the siren howl for the last retreat to caverns underground. Bolt the doors ; Keep the sound away with pillows. Swallow pills. Heads are clutched between the knees. It only lasts a moment... Shall we do it here? Leave our clothes, tiptoe down the pier. And just the butler's peering, but he won't say what he saw. No-one's paying anymore, only us - we'll use our change. We'll play the rifle range, the space invaders. We'll steal a lemonade and sip it for just a moment. If it's really finished ; if the horror story is true and distant figures play with buttons ...well, I still have you. We'll lie her til the end. Let them send what they like. I have a feeling we'll survive for more than just a moment. For eternity. Our love can move a mountain, turn the ocean into wine, turn the sky into kaleidoscopes ; twist time. Going backwards 'til the first time. Let's live it once again -for more than just a moment...For eternity

Even Now

Mistakes were made and prices paid - The scars across your wrists. The twist inside - I know you're hiding. Even now. Have you changed? Do you forget? you still regret the day you met me - even now? You feel the bandage itching as you're sweating in the white light - feel the tethescope press down, even now? (Don't you think I feel it too, even now?) It had to be, and now I'm missing you and want to start again - we'll start with flowers and a row, even now! We'll never settle down... No never... even now...But still the fire's burning. It's burning just for you. Is it burning for me too, even now? We're locked-up for eternity.. locked together, even now...

And The Lord Said 'Rise'

Floor 34 and rising steady. Floor 34.5 we stopped. Stabbed the alarm bell, stubbed a finger ; swore at the bell- boy, slowly dropped. Reached for the trap door, wrenched it open ; retched in your handbag, filled it up...Floor 23 and creeping fever. Call for the priest (you called the cops). Floor 17 and screams `blue murder!'. You stepped on my wrist and smashed my watch. Roared at the bell-boy, ripped his shirt off... Eyes on his neck : karate chop! Floor minus 5 and strangling metal - throw both my legs in the draw marked `socks'. (And the Lord said `rise'....)
Tikko (instrumental)


Whisky neat and wine gums (real ones!) Brandy on my mind, in my blood, in my liver (like a river..) Walking under water, short of breath. My speech is sort of slurred. It's a blur, much too late for turning back now...I'm drowning, drowning, drowning with my friends in the station, in the gutter. Parties on the patio with patronising friends who slap me on the back, say `have another'! you'll recover...Cover up the cracks. I'm blacking out. Keep on spinning, grinning - I know I'll never win this fight. I'm drowning, drowning, drowning with my friends in the station, in the gutter. Stinking rich and sinking pitchers full of slivowitz. It gives me fits and makes me spit in pits a poison. It annoys them. It "destroys" them - but they let me keep on drowning. Yes I'm drowning, drowning. Drowning with my friends in the station, in the gutter.

The Fool, With Hammers

I call you up ; THEY cool me down . They drown me with a siphon spewing ice-knives, nail me to my shadow, case me in a plaster-cast and cost me down the mine. I'll dig until my fingers shine and blood runs down the walls. They wanted coal but i'll keep scraping 'til i'm striking gold. It's fools' gold, but then i'm just a fool. Be sure it's real enough for me. I'll make a crown ; i'll take my princess to the holy ground. We'll waltz around the stone so fast, we'll twist into another time. Another home. You, me - a few well chosen friends because we need them. It's so lonely caged in Eden eating apples only because we're so damned bored. You fool! ME the fool in a black shirt, red scarf, black slacks, slack jaw shouting at the wall. Shouting at the ground. Shouts! Shouts! Never mind, it's only a dream - no matter no meaning (though it's real at the time)

The Unspeakable Revenge Of The Killer Grapefruit (instrumental)

Chasing The Carrion (instrumental)

Volicie (instrumental)

Jesus Wept

For a few cents you'd sell me, wouldn't you? And maybe it would trouble your conscience for a short time...But Christ you'll get over it! Don't worry about it. You'll always have friends.

[instrumental - piano/synth/edward intoning/violin]

we checked out where the market square once stood my god there's just a hole choking wreck to wreck a truck to truck the bumpers bumping sirens scream but nothing seems to move the colors open sweat yes running down the windows elbows rest upon the horns no one's going anywhere at all no one's going anywhere at all what a place (???) and I can barely (talk)

[more instrumental to end]