The Tear Garden
Bouquet of Black Orchids

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EU CD Nettwerk Europe NET047

  1. Sheila Liked The Rodeo - [MP3] [W2-6315] [BRTG8]
  2. Ophelia - [MP3] [NTM6304]
  3. Tear Garden - [MP3] [NTM6304]
  4. My Thorny Thorny Crown - [MP3] [NTM6304]
  5. White Coats And Haloes - [MP3] [W2-30074] [BRTG8]
  6. Blobbo - [W2-6315] [MP3]
  7. Sybil The Spider Consumes Himself - [W2-6315] [MP3]
  8. A Ship Named "Despair" - [MP3] [W2-30074]
  9. The Centre Bullet - [MP3] [NTM6304]
  10. You And Me And Rainbows (Parts One To Six) - [MP3] [NTL30019] [BRTG8]
  11. Oo Ee Oo - [MP3] [NTL30019] [MP3]

Edward Ka-Spel
Cevin Key
Dwayne R. Goettel
The Silver Man (Phil Knight)
Ryan Moore
David Ogilvie
Martijn de Kleer
De Green Guy

A Europe-only anthology collecting material from the previous three albums. Nothing is exclusive.

One of the finest entities in the history of musical expression finally release a compilation, bringing together material from "Tired Eyes Slowly Burning ", "The Last Man To Fly" and unreleased gems. From the verifiably ancient "The Centre Bullet" and "Teargarden" through the stunning "You and Me and Rainbows" and "My Thorny, Thorny Crown" to "White Coats and Haloes" and " Romulus and Venus", this is the seventy five minutes of pure sensory joy. Ka-spel is, in my humble opinion, one of the world's most original and graceful singer/songwriters, whilst Cevin Key is the business as far as sound construction is concerned; Skinny Puppy and LPD on one record! Who in the hell could ask for more! Journeys of mystical elegance, through beauty, loathing and despair, The Tear Garden accomplish more in one song than most artist in a lifetime. At turns delicate, then overwhelmingly heavy, anyone from appreciators of Death In June to Puppy freaks to ambient fans will treasure this. It may be a much cliched and tired old adage, but if you only buy one record this year, make sure it's "Bouquet of Black Orchids"!! Absolutely fucking essential. - Leigh Neville, Music From The Empty Quarter. Issue 9 of March 1994