Various Artists
Electrically Induced Vibrations

Cover Image

US LP Anomalous NOM13

side a

  1. Edward Ka-Spel, "Burdon" - [MT145]
  2. Cyclobe, "Frostflowers"
  3. Colin Potter, "The Nights Are Drawing In"
  4. Steve Thomsen, "Cat and Fiddle Moors"
  5. Omit, "Consumption"

side b

  1. Arkkon, "Rotator #1 (extract)"
  2. The Silverman, "Cartilage Music"
  3. Mistress of Strands, "Pull Down Your Eyes"
  4. Fibrillation, "Huaca"

Released in an edition of 400.
Photography by Arthur S. Aubry.
Master assembled at Gravelvoice Studios.