The Legendary Pink Dots

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  1. Siren

The Silver Man - keyboards & devices
Ryan Moore - electric bass, fretless bass, acoustic bass, drums
Martijn de Kleer - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, tympani
Prophet Qa'Sepel - vox, keyboards, destroyed lyre
Niels van Hoornblower - saxophones, clarinet, flute
Raymond Steeg - production

This very limited release (99 VHS copies) documents the Pink Dots' only serious attempt at a video clip with the song "Siren". On a budget of nothing, LPDs' long term friend Klaus pulled together a professional team to shoot the clip in the space of a few hours, and the result is a little bizarre but not without charm. However, with a dose of full frontal nudity and the band dressed as monks, MTV passed on it.
Some copies came with a handmade insert.
Probably this clip will appear as part of a DVD release in the future.