The Legendary Pink Dots
The Pre-Millennial Single

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Legendary Pink Dots - Pre-Millennial Single

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August 25, 1998

US 12" Soleilmoon SOL74
US CDEP Soleilmoon SOL74CD (alternate cover)

  1. Hellsville '98 - [MP3]
  2. Needles (Version Sirius) - [MP3]
  3. Andromeda Suite '98 - [MP3]
  4. Abracadabra ZZZZ - [MP3]

Ryan Moore
The Prophet Qa'Sepel
Niels van Hoornblower
Edwin von Trippenhof
Frank Verschuuren
Halekka Malaizhista

The Legendary Pink Dots return with a brand new four song extended play CD and 12 inch single, The Pre Millennial Single, heralding the coming millennium and satisfying fans' requests for recorded versions of three particularly popular songs. The live interpretations of these songs have changed so much since the originals were done that the band wanted to rerecord them, particularly because they've become stage favorites in recent years. The recording techniques used in the studio faithfully reproduce the live sounds and arrangements. The fourth song is remixed from their forthcoming album Nemesis Online.

Hellsville 98 is a new interpretation of Hellsville, originally released by Play It Again Sam in 1990 on The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse.

Needles (Version Sirius) first appeared as City of Needles 1990. It was recorded by Edward Ka-Spel and The Silverman as an instrumental song for a cassette-only release called 4 Days. In 1992 they rerecorded the song with the full band line-up, and added lyrics. Two years later the original version of the song was renamed Nadelstadt when 4 Days was issued on compact disc by the Terminal Kaleidoscope.

Andromeda Suite 98 was originally released in 1994 on an obscure Portuguese compilation CD called Trinity, after which a remixed version appeared in 1995 on the double CD Chemical Playschool 8 & 9, released by World Serpent Distribution.

Abracadabra zzzz is a subtly different mix of Abracadabra, a song on the forthcoming Nemesis Online album with added vocal sounds.

The vinyl edition is limited to 1256 copies, and features cover art different from the compact disc version.


Needles (Version Sirius) (Transcribed by tanith R. gyle)

Take a seat son. There's something I really must tell you. Now me and your Ma, we've always been positive people, haven't we son? But for the last year or so, it's all been a facade. We've been putting on a brave face. It's a sick world we live in. This is a sick neighborhood we live in. And there comes a time when you just have to stand up, take your life into your own hands, decide for change. That's why me and your Ma, have decided to go to a new place. It's a place called Sirius. Now you can't drive to Sirius, son. Can't walk there, can't get an aeroplane there. Only one way to Sirius son, and think of it a bit like closing your eyes on all the sickness and the degradation, and when you open them up again, you're in this garden! Where everybody there loves you, where everybody supports everybody else. It's that kind of place! So now I've come to the point of this little talk. Are you coming along? Think about it. I don't want to force you into anything. I'm not that kind of father, am I? I've never forced you into anything in your entire life. I've only ever been there for you. Making sacrifices for you. When you were down, when you needed someone, who was there with a shoulder to cry on? Me, always me! Always there for you, always listening. And now, just once, I'm asking you to listen to me. What's it gonna be? Don't look at me like that, son! You can trust me! I mean, God knows, I've been there for you your whole life, you should be able to trust me by now! I'm not asking for a snap decision. You can take a day or a week if you need it, just be sure, we're going! AND YOU'RE INVITED! Only, if you really wanna stay here, in all this shit! Well, that's your decision. I'll even help you, I've gotta pocket full of sleeping pills. You just take them in the garden shed and when you wake up, we'll be gone, you won't have to watch. But remember this, when you wake up, you've gotta deal with it all by yourself from then on. No shoulders to cry on then, son! You'll be facing yourself! You'll be facing your fear! You'll be standing in the presence of your fear! And boy, you'll feel it pressing in from all sides! Before you, behind you, beside you, beside you....