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This website, founded in 1996, is now dedicated to unofficially documenting the past history of DEATH IN JUNE up to the year 2000, which we find of interest. Recent updates, news, and current events beyond that we will leave to the official site at Here we cover all past releases, live events, past influences and links to related sites. The guilty do indeed have a past, and we intend to shed light on it.

DEATH IN JUNE formed out of the ashes of the left-wing punk band Crisis, and began as a trio of Douglas P., Tony Wakeford, and Patrick Leagas. Tony Wakeford left to later form Sol Invictus, and Patrick O'Kill left after 1985 to form Sixth Comm.

DEATH IN JUNE has since become solely the work of Douglas P. in collaboration with various friends and like-minded artists.

This is an unofficial web page, and we are not connected with NER, Tesco, or World Serpent Distribution.

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