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Forced Exposure New Releases for 3/23/2015

New music is due from M.C. Schmidt (of Matmos), Chris Corsano/Okkyung Lee/Bill Nace, and Stereo Total, while old music is due from Brand Nubian, the Rainbow Press, and the Fabulous Three.


Boduf Songs, "Stench of Exist"

cover imageAs much as I like Boduf Songs, I have to admit that the albums began to all blur together for me at some point, as Mat Sweet’s hushed, morbid, and deliciously Lovecraftian aesthetic is an extremely specific one that he has mined for quite a long time (though 2013's Burnt Up On Re-Entry gamely tried to shake-up that formula).  I certainly do not blame him, as it is a very appealing and distinctive niche, but there is quite a lot of similar-sounding material out there as a result.  And now there is still more…sort of: Stench of Exist is a return to the "classic" Boduf sound, but with some healthy vestiges remaining from Sweet's more adventurous recent work.  The end result is probably one of Mat's finest albums to date and one that definitely features a couple of Boduf's strongest songs ever.


23 Skidoo, "Beyond Time"

cover image23 Skidoo has had a significant portion of their previous work reissued over the past few years, but Beyond Time is their first album of new material in 15 years.  A soundtrack to the documentary of the same name, exploring the life and art of 23 Skidoo core members Johnny and Alex Turnbull's father, William Turnbull, it stands strongly on its own as an atmospheric work that stays faithful to the band’s roots in funk, hip-hop, and unique post-industrial noise.


Steinbrüchel, "Parallel Landscapes"

cover imageRalph Steinbrüchel’s formal training is that of a graphic designer, and his approach to Parallel Landscapes is one of a visual artist more than a sonic one.  Packaged with a thick booklet of photography and design, this album is as much of an audio as it is a visual composition.  With less of a focus on rhythms or melody, and more on vast expanses of terrain and landscape, simultaneously beautiful and foreboding, the album has a consistent, yet complex sensibility to it.



cover imageA reissue of their debut full length LP, this self-titled album by Austin’s S U R V I V E has the quartet presenting nine distinct synth based compositions that run the gamut between prog experimentation, abstract space, and new wave-esque beats and rhythms.  Their stylistic choices and approach to music are both pretty clear, but succeed where many others just try to latch on and ride out the wave of synth nostalgia prevalent these past few years.


Coppice, "Cores/Eruct"

cover   image Secrecy and solitude are the twin engines spinning at the heart of Cores/Eruct, Noé Cuéllar and Joseph Kramer's first record on their own Category of Manifestation label. By the time album opener “Bluing” has ended and “Son Form” has begun its unusual cyclic canter, they have already constructed an enigmatic and isolated atmosphere. Though clearly recorded and rigorously performed, Coppice’s songs bewilder. They teeter on the edge of the familiar and flirt with recognition, but are comprised of sounds that evade identification. Those sounds are microscopic, magnified to the point of seclusion, and hermetic, as if trapped inside a great machine churning endlessly in the dark. That sense of perpetuity is what drives the the album. It plays out like an aural mise en abyme, each song, sound, and passage opening upon some aspect itself and spiraling endlessly in a confusion of levers, springs, and eerie melodies.


NHK, "Program"

cover imageA collaboration between Kouhei Matsunaga (who has worked with everyone from Sensational to Autechre and Asmus Tietchens) and the less prolific Toshio Munehiro, NHK’s ultra minimalist approach to techno may conjure memories of the late 90s/early 2000s glitch and microsound scenes, but their combination of erratic beats and digital expanses feels anything but dated, sounding entirely unique and fresh in 2015.


Podcast Episodes 306-309: March 6, 2015

Rounding out a marathon week of new podcast episodes, expect to hear a special feature on David Pajo plus Laika, Boduf Songs, Laube, Herry Bertoia, High Aura'd & Mike Shiflet, Sam Prekop, Stereolab, The Inward Circles, Wire, Akatombo, Benoit Pioulard, HRTK, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Marcus Marr, Moon Zero, Vessel, Broadcast, The Legendary Pink Dots, The Body & Thou, Frank Bretschneider & Steve Roden, Michael Gira, Suicide, Grant Smith, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Bal Paré, and Charlemagne Palestine with the Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra.

The Brainwashed DJ - Brainwashed Radio - The Podcast Edition


Weirdo Records #425

Wednesday the the 11th I'll be helping along the parade of awkward & beautiful humanity at the King's open mic from 10p til late. Come & see the show while you drink fine drinks, eat tasty foods, or bowl bowling balls. And if you've got thoughts or sounds in your head you can also put your name in the bucket & get 5 minutes to regale the crowd. 50 Dalton St near the Hynes T.


A Place To Bury Strangers, "Transfixiation"

cover image

This Brooklyn trio’s fourth full-length almost did not happen, as the band was plagued by a host of tensions, false-starts, and creative second-guessing before everything eventually came together.  Ostensibly, Transfixiation is an attempt to translate Strangers' live intensity into their studio work in hopes of creating something more dangerous and unhinged, but their intensity has never exactly been in question for me: narrowness of focus might be a bit of problem, but lack of bad-assness definitely is not.  Transfixiation sounds more or less exactly like I would expect a new APTBS album to sound (like a darker, more pissed-off Jesus and Mary Chain), which is perfectly fine by me–they are what they are and they are very good at it.  All I hoped for was a few more great songs and Transfixiation did not fail me at all.

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