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hox, "it-ness"

Although this release came out first in 1999 through Origin in Sweden, it has only been picked up by Apollo (an R&S sub-label) earlier this year. Graham Lewis (Wire/Dome/He Said) and Andreas Karperyd (Omala) have teamed up again, but not as He Said Omala this time. While I have been a Wire fan for nearly two decades, the Graham Lewis material can always be hit or miss, yet when he's paired up with a good collaborator, the results can be incredible. Fortunately, the collection of ten songs deftly combines the strengths of the Karperyd's undeniably hypnotic electronics and the super sexy voice of Lewis. The musical bonds have grown stronger between the two after experience working together as He Said Omala, and the proof is in the songs. Luscious head-bobbing instrumental triumphs like "Rekalm Reclaim" sit side-by-side with catchy proto-pop vocal tracks like "Spring." While the album's opener, "Knot" throws the fan a curve-ball with its instrumental abrasiveness and atypical Lewis vocals, the album's closer, "7f's" echoes back to the electronic repetition of classic 1980s Wire tracks like "Over Theirs," and "Illuminated." As the Wire Mail Order service has been closing down, I thought it best to try to grab a hold of one of these CDs before they're impossible to find. Unfortunately they're all gone from the Chicago-based location and stores in North America have found it unnecessary to stock the item. If all avenues fail you to find this disc, try This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In the meantime, you can always bitch out your favorite shops for ignoring something as great.





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Hefner, "Dead Media"
I want to start off by stating that I wanted to like this record. I really, truly wanted to be able to say that Hefner have really bounced back after their woefully unimpressive last album, 'We Love the City'. Sadly, it was not to be.
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