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Plumbline, "Pin Points"

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The track listing for Pin Points was not impressive, as each bears titles like like map references (ie. "555 W24" and "56 E"). It annoyed me when nearly every second Warp release was named like this and it annoys me now. I was expecting some sort of bog-standard glitch and beat driven album. I was half right, Plumbline (Will Thomas) makes glitches and beats but most of the time he does it well.
Hydrogen Dukebox
Plus, the sterile nature of this style of music is removed thanks to addition of cello by Julia Kent and vocals by Connie Petruk that are very reminiscent of Bilinda Butcher. While this could very easily go wrong and end up sounding like something played in the background of clothes shop, Plumbline keeps it on track for most of the album. Unfortunately, towards the end of Pin Points there is a noticeable drop in the quality of the music. Thomas seemed to have run out of ideas and instead of stopping the album at an earlier point he goes on to regurgitate the first few tracks and of course, regurgitation is too close to vomiting in terms of keeping up standards. The penultimate track "811 10A" with its amateurish and lazy structure pales in comparison to the beautifully crafted opener "11 E52" with its perfect programming supplemented with some equally perfect cello. I really have to wonder what went wrong. Luckily, the majority of the album pulls it back on to the side of listenable. Plumbline could have made a classic of an album but instead he has produced a good album with a few flawed tracks stuck onto the end.


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