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Fridge bring you The Sun

The fifth full-length Fridge album is done and is ready for release.  The Sun was produced by Fridge both at The Exchange and Adem's house and will be issued by Temporary Residence Ltd. (without Brainwashed assistance this time!) in North America, Text in the UK, and Domino throughout Europe. 


 Europeans get the single CD/2xLP release on May 15th while those in North America have to wait until June 19th.


Track listing:

1. The Sun (3:20)
2. Clocks (7:44)
3. Our Place in This (4:23)
4. Drums of Life (0:38)
5. Eyelids (2:44)
6. Oram (5:52)
7. Comets (5:19)
8. Insects (5:18)
9. Lost Time (5:52)
10. Years and Years and Years... (5:52)


cover artwork and MP3s due shortly 


The Eye: Video of the Day

Baby Dee

YouTube Video

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Review of the Day

broadcast, "pendulum"
It's been over two years since we last heard from Broadcast, but they've finally graced us with a new 6-song EP, to be followed later this year by their second full-length album. Pendulum, which will have to tide fans over until then, is a formidable taster of things to come. The overall aesthetic is similar to that of their previous work: moody psychedelia sweetened by Trish Keenan's airy, hypnotic vocals. What's different is an evolution of the band's use of percussion and synthesizers. The title track shows a definite expansion on the sometimes trippy, sometimes icy melodic themes found on their last album. Even on minimal tracks like "Small Song IV" and "Still Feels Like Tears," the complex, yet adeptly handled drum rustles and angular patches of synths leap out amongst the atmospheric "aaah aaaah"s. "One Hour Empire" sounds as if it were culled from the jazz-tinged score of a 1970s crime film. Pendulum is an exciting step forward for Broadcast, and is a sure sign of a promising follow-up to The Noise Made By People.


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