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Fridge bring you The Sun

The fifth full-length Fridge album is done and is ready for release.  The Sun was produced by Fridge both at The Exchange and Adem's house and will be issued by Temporary Residence Ltd. (without Brainwashed assistance this time!) in North America, Text in the UK, and Domino throughout Europe. 


 Europeans get the single CD/2xLP release on May 15th while those in North America have to wait until June 19th.


Track listing:

1. The Sun (3:20)
2. Clocks (7:44)
3. Our Place in This (4:23)
4. Drums of Life (0:38)
5. Eyelids (2:44)
6. Oram (5:52)
7. Comets (5:19)
8. Insects (5:18)
9. Lost Time (5:52)
10. Years and Years and Years... (5:52)


cover artwork and MP3s due shortly 


The Eye: Video of the Day


YouTube Video

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Review of the Day

San Francisco skateboarding legend and multi-instrumentalist (how's that for a resume?) Tommy Guerrero's latest full length disc is a cool blend of latin-jazz and funk grooves with a DJ culture type of feel while showcasing his solid guitar playing and knack for composing and arranging. Building on laid-back breakbeat samples, tracks such as "Organism," "It Gets Heavy," and "Thin Brown Layer," fatten up with electric bass, the odd keyboard and multi-tracked guitars to provide some great riffs and underplayed soloing which give off an impression of a controlled jam session that doesn't stray much from the intended groove. The gentle bossa nova feel of "Thank You MK" lays the groundwork for bright sounding bass and warm sounding, jazzy guitars to provide some simple yet beautiful chord progressions that in the overall setting come across as being very meaningful. Less is definitely more. The more traditional latin rhythms and instruments of "Lost Unfound" cement the tune's groove for syncopated bass lines and choppy guitar to move through minor sounding changes that subtly build tension throughout repetition. Although Guerrero has a couple of guest drummers and vocalists (most notably Lyrics Born), he plays all the instruments throughout the disc's seventeen tracks; very convincingly. 


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