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After a long absence, The Eye returns with a rare opportunity to sit down for a one-on-one conversation with Justin K. Broadrick. Justin talks about his roots in Napalm Death through Head of David, Godflesh, Final, and now Jesu; post-punk post-metal and the love of harmonies; and how nobody should ever expect a Godflesh reunion...ever!

Thanks to Joris and Aaron of Conspiracy and Hydra Head, respectively, for being so instrumental in making this happen.


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Boy In Static

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Review of the Day

Zbigniew Karkowski & Damion Romero, "9 Before 9"
cover imageThis is the first time Poland’s Zbigniew Karkowski (currently based in Japan) has released a collaboration with America’s Damion Romero. Both artists have a huge (and often overlapping) list of former partners in crime so it was probably inevitable that they would cross paths. It is a good job they did because this album is one of the best noise albums of the year. Although noise is probably a poor description of it: non-musical, alleatoric experiments in mood being a bit more precise. This is not an exercise in deafening sound but an exploration of low frequency sounds and moving a lot of air with a speaker system.
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