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After a long absence, The Eye returns with a rare opportunity to sit down for a one-on-one conversation with Justin K. Broadrick. Justin talks about his roots in Napalm Death through Head of David, Godflesh, Final, and now Jesu; post-punk post-metal and the love of harmonies; and how nobody should ever expect a Godflesh reunion...ever!

Thanks to Joris and Aaron of Conspiracy and Hydra Head, respectively, for being so instrumental in making this happen.


The Eye: Video of the Day

Daniel Padden

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Review of the Day

Nina Nastasia, "Outlaster"

cover image There has never been an album by Nina Nastasia I didn't like. Sure, I have my favorites, and on those my favorite songs, but I've never been disappointed. I also know what to expect in terms of her songwriting, which is always exceptional. The formula and style haven't varied much from record to record, though different elements are often accentuated. What I do notice is a steady refinement and ever increasing mastery of subtle details. Her introspective lyrics continue to explore the territories of friendship, love, longing, and loss, and her strong and powerfully feminine voice continues to elucidate deep emotional responses from within me.

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