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After a long absence, The Eye returns with a rare opportunity to sit down for a one-on-one conversation with Justin K. Broadrick. Justin talks about his roots in Napalm Death through Head of David, Godflesh, Final, and now Jesu; post-punk post-metal and the love of harmonies; and how nobody should ever expect a Godflesh reunion...ever!

Thanks to Joris and Aaron of Conspiracy and Hydra Head, respectively, for being so instrumental in making this happen.


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Review of the Day

Ron Morelli, "Spit"

cover image

This is kind of an excitedly anticipated album in some circles, as it is the first solo release from the man behind the influential L.I.E.S. imprint.  Morelli's resume is deceptive, however, as Spit is a very backwards-looking, primitive affair rather than a dispatch from the cutting edge or a bold statement of intent.  That said, it is still quite a likable one–it just sounds more like a home-recorded industrial experiment from early '80s Sheffield or Manchester than anything resembling underground dance music circa 2013.

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