The Horse Hospital
Steven Stapleton and David Tibet
2002 April 10 UK London, UK
The Horse Hospital
The Chamber Of Pop Culture is proud to present the world premiere exhibition of the artworks of David Tibet and Steven Stapleton.
Forging a mutual artistic bond in 1983 lasting to the present day.
Tibet and Stapleton create coherent yet separate visions, in turns destructive and beautiful demonic and childlike.
World renowned as recording artists Current 93 and Nurse With Wound.
Tibet and Stapleton initially grew as seminal lights of the UK post-punk experimental and underground scene, to latter production of huge swathes of musically apocalyptic folkscapes and surreal visions of unsellable pop music.
This inaugural exhibition, with two site-specific sound installations by the artists, displays both new and old 2D and 3D works, including original album cover art: comprising a selection from a vast twenty year body of work on paper and in sound.

This page only lists the Steven Stapleton artworks displayed

Further information and images can be found here Compulsion
A CD was issued to commemorate the occasion

I cannot find some of the images, or determine whether others have been used on actual releases, any information gratefully received
Other Images
Horse Hospital Postcard Side 2
Postcard Side 2
Santoor Lena Bicycle
Santoor Lena Bicycle
Intercourse With Colour
Kiss Rat Rainbow also known as Veil Rat Rainbow
Sand - His First Steps
Three Wholes: Nose - used as cover for His First Steps by Sand
Sand - Desert Navigations
Three Wholes: Ear - used as cover for Desert Navigation by Sand
Sand - North Atlantic Raven
Three Wholes: THroat - used as cover for North Atlantic Raven by Sand (with addition of raven)
Love's Secret Domain
Love's Secret Domain - used as cover for Love's Secret Domain by Coil
The Missionary
Sugar Fish Drink #2, also known as The Missionary
Born A Blinded Angel (2) - used as inner image for To Be An Angel Blind, The Crippled Soul Divide by The Tear Garden
Back Cover
Born A Blinded Angel (3)- used as back cover for To Be An Angel Blind, The Crippled Soul Divide by The Tear Garden
Front Cover
Born A Blinded Angel (1) - used as cover for To Be An Angel Blind, The Crippled Soul Divide by The Tear Garden
Front Cover
Astral Disaster - used as cover for Astral Disaster by Coil
Maldoror (Acid Drawing #11)
Chinese Girl Bathing
Chinese Girl Bathing - used as cover for Eyes! China Doll by Edward Ka-Spel
This is a guess. Release (1985) was two years prior to catalogue date (1987)
The Viper
Viper (Acid Drawing #33)
Sister To The Innermost Light
The Innermost Light
Sugar Fish Drink Man
Cooloorta Gate
Driftwood Chair #3
Driftwood Chair #5
Umbilical Guitar
Bright Yellow Moon #8
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