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A lot of people have emailed me to find out what has happened
to the old V/Vm Test website and microsites and why they have
been pulled down.

I feel that now it's a great time to withdraw and look at how I can
provide more with less online. The old website was bloated and

I love being able to directly connect with those who support my work
and find this very important in such a digital and impersonal age.

Here then is redesigned site where nothing is fixed and certain,
with only minimal information in these days where we experience
constant future shock and online bombardment.

The key is everything need not be archived and available all of the
time as value and scarcity of works is just as important in building
for our digital futures.

Now i feel more in control again of my works and feel I can offer

There is no twitter and no update feed. It's the best way.