Meat Beat Manifesto
Lovefingers/Radio Free Republic

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June 1, 2005

US 7" Brainwashed brain009

  1. Radio Free Republic - [MP3]
  2. Lovefingers - [MP3]

Jack Dangers
Lynn Farmer - Drums [A]
Mike Powell - Samples and keys [A]
John Wilson - Guitar [A]

"Lovefingers" is a Silver Apples cover and was recorded live on Saturday, September 28, 1996 at the Fillmore, San Francisco.

"Radio Free Republic" is an exclusive track.

53 editions come numbered in a special sleeve handmade by Jack Dangers.

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Cover #52 (MPEG)
Cover #53 (MPEG)

Meat Beat Manifesto (a band hardly needing an introduction) offer a stellar slab of fried sounds. Side A, "Lovefingers," is a Silver Apples cover, which opens with a clip of a woman retelling a story of her husband (I think) claiming he'd been attacked by a spaceship. This leads perfectly into a catchy, psychedelic and mutated groove, bringing to mind early Faust. This comparison is hammered home when a blast of oscillators and fuzzy filters splatter themselves across the rest of the grooves. Side B follows a similar pattern with "Radio Free Republic." Starting with a voice sample (presumably from a b-movie), it moves into a heavily rhythm-centric pattern which slowly develops over a shifting pallette of synthesizer bleeps and bloops. - Dick Baldwin, FakeJazz

Where in the past Jack Dangers was the man you seek out for some pre-Big Beat busy prehistoric electronics and bollock kicking breaks here we find him at his monitor a little more relaxed. Still peppering his tracks with samples, he moves further into a Hip-Hop Techno area on "Radio Free Republic" where aggression and pace are not the norm. More interestingly is the Silver Apples cover on the A side which is a short blast of harsh electronic pop ending prematurely in short wave radio abuse. - Scott McKeating, Stylus

We have another sexy Brainwashed 7" in this week. This one is by Meat Beat Manifesto and it's on super thick weapon stylee grey vinyl. You know someone ordered a record this week and referred to it as a plate. I've never had that happen to me before but it did amuse me. Holding this sturdy little fella makes me realise if you didn't like the music you could tape up the hole in the middle and use it as some kind of stupid dining service. However if you did that it would be criminal cos here we have a totally cool slab of Jack Dangers instrumental hip hop infused brilliance which doesn't sound too unlike Boards of Canada to be honest. And there's a cracking Silver Apples cover of Lovefingers on the B side. This be my single of the week... - Norman Records