Greater Than One
Dance of the Cowards

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March, 1988

UK LP K=K Recordings KGKLP1

side a

  1. Now Is the Time - [KGK2], [KGKLP2]
  2. Song for England - [KGKLP2]
  3. The Truth - [KGKLP2]
  4. Kunst Gleich Kapital - [KGK1], [KGKLP2]

side b

  1. All the Masters Licked You - [KGKLP2]
  2. Dance of the Cowards - [KGKLP2]
  3. All Men Are Boys - [KGKLP2]
  4. I Know Everything - [KGKLP2]

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April, 1988

FR CD Incinerator No. 9 IN9CD1

  1. Now Is the Time - [KGK2], [KGKLP2]
  2. Song for England - [KGKLP2]
  3. The Truth - [KGKLP2]
  4. Kunst Gleich Kapital - [KGK1], [KGKLP2]
  5. All the Masters Licked You - [KGKLP2]
  6. Dance of the Cowards - [KGKLP2]
  7. All Men Are Boys - [KGKLP2]
  8. I Know Everything - [KGKLP2]
  9. Crisis - [ROIRA200]
  10. Dear Ol' Blighty - [KGKLP2]
  11. Brick Lane - [KGKLP2], [ROIRA200]
  12. Techno Golden Beat - [KGKLP2], [KGK2]

Lee Newman
Michael Wells

Nearly all of this music was released later on London.

This British duo of Lee Newman and Michael Wells bring to mind a rougher-edged, more adventurous Art of Noise. Both groups deal in techniques derived from musique concrete, stitching found sounds together into beatbox-anchored sound collages, but Greater That One is by far the better band. In place of AON's often bland avant-muzak, Greater Than One offers industrial-edged pieces that are often harsh or jarring, shot through with wit and a strong political sensibility. The disc's opener, "Now is the Time," is awash in a dizzying array of sounds—scratch, snippets of Wagner, chunks of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, and a children's choir. "Song for England" makes its political point about the insensitivity of Thatcher-era Great Britain in frighteningly understated fashion, while the title track is an anti-fascist piece. These guys deserve wider success—this is fascinating, meticulously crafted music that repays repeated listening. - Option Magazine