Greater Than One
Duty and Trust


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  1. Deep Shake
  2. Liberation
  3. Brick Lane - [KGKLP1], [KGKLP2]
  4. The Dark Streets of London
  5. The Rose, the Cross & the Flag
  6. Crisis - [KGKLP1]
  7. Trust

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Greater Than One - Trust

US LP We Never Sleep/Alamut WNS 008/ALA 005

  1. Trust
  2. Trust

Lee Newman
Michael Wells

Although released in 1990 and 1991, these recordings date back to 1987.

Michael says, "Trust was recorded first as one of our initial try-outs. We rented a DX7 and stuff and then we rented more equipment to remake it, also keeping some of the themes. So it became All the Masters Licked Me (recorded on a 1/4 inch tape, the whereabouts is completely beyond me). Then slowly we bought our own recording equipment and continued with the K=K and WaxTrax! stuff. The extra tracks from Duty + Trust were from a live show we were doing at the time, we actually performed it in Amsterdam. Originally called Rhapsody In Black, it was a performance piece in which we sat the audience down in complete darkness, blacked out the whole place. It started off with the sort of, deep, orchestral things and then took people through a journey with films and slides and lights. The tracks were sort of extracts from the performance that we had made. "

The music on the side of Trust that the label sticker identifies as side A is the same music as "Part Two" from the Duty + Trust cassette, which came from Greater Than One on a DAT identified as "Part One" and "Part Two." The Insomnia Vol.1 compilation, also released by We Never Sleep, featured a clip of "Part 1" (side B) of Trust bearing the title "All the Masters Licked Me." Thus the LP was most likely mis-labeled.