Large Ladies With Cake in the Oven
1993 CD UK United Dairies UDCD038
In jewel case
Track Listing
  1. Bearded Lady (2:24) [dpromdcd140]
  2. Odd (2:38) [dpromdcd140] [lay3] [lay30]
  3. Aquarium (5:58) [dpromdcd140] [lay3] [lay30]
  4. Dirty Fingernails (10:26) [dpromdcd140] [lay3] [lay30]
  5. Sheila Na Gig (2:47) [dpromdcd140] [ud025]
  6. Red Flipper (4:29) [dpromdcd140] [pot8]
  7. Head Cold (3:17) [dpromdcd140] [ud040]
  8. Scapegoat (3:08) [dpromdcd140] [stappleton01] [sx012] [ud021] [ud041]
  9. Cranke (4:31) [dpromdcd140] [ud040] [ww01]
  10. Wisecrack (4:32) [dpromdcd101] [dpromdcd140] [udt31] [vod66]
  11. Glory Hole (12:15) [art053bd] [dpromdcd140] [lay30] [lay7] [mi-mort4] [vod66]
  12. Brained (12:27) [dpromdcd140] [lay30] [lay7] [ud036] [ud069]
Diana Rogerson
Roman Jugg
Clint Ruin
Sleeve Notes
Steven Stapleton
Diana Rogerson
David Tibet
Roman Jugg
Clint Ruin

Mixed and produced by S. Stapleton
Mastered by Denis Blackham
This album is dedicated to B. Kliban.
All tracks previously released in some form or another.
Songs titles have been altered from their original forms on their original releases.
Head Cold is very close to being the exact song as the Miss Ticker remix of Cold from the Thunder Perfect Mind CD reiessue and Steel Dream March of the Metal Man.