Elizabeth Benedict


What I Learned About Sex on the Internet
Daedalus, Spring 2007

A Friendship Born in the Turbulent Age of Aquarius
The New York Times, January 17, 2006

Getting Naked in Print--The Art of the Highbrown Confessional
The American Prospect, March 1, 2004

Past Perfect Massachusetts
These United States: Original Essays by Leading American Writers on Their State Within the Union, edited by John Leonard (2003)

Searching for Treasure in Las Vegas
Salmagundi, Spring/Summer 2000, Nos. 126-127

When Baby Boomers Grow Old
The American Prospect vol. 12 no. 9, May 21, 2001.

Divorced White Journalist Seeks Love, Alimony Funds
A review of Falling: The Story of One Marriage, by John Taylor.
The New York Observer, March 8, 1999

In the Literature of Addiction, Life's Always a Gamble
Boston Globe, June 27th, 1999

He treats life as fragile, to be handled with care
A review of A Sport and a Pastime and Light Years, by James Salter
The Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb 2, 1986

Still the Babysitter, After All These Years
Barnard Magazine, Spring 2000

Elizabeth Benedict
photo: Emma Dodge Hanson

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What I Learned About Sex On the Internet
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