02/16/2003 - 02/22/2003

A Luna Red - It Is Your Anthem/The Electric Blood 7" (GSL, US)
Aereogramme - Sleep and Release CD (Matador, US)
* Banco De Gaia - Big Men Cry CD [reissue] (Six Degrees, US)
* Banco De Gaia - Live at Glastonbury CD [reissue] (Six Degrees, US)
* Black Dice - Beaches & Canyons CD/LP (Fat Cat, UK)
Calexico - Feast of Wire CD (Quarterstick, US)
Cat Power - You Are Free CD/2xLP (Matador, US)
* Andrew Chalk - Over the Edges CD (Streamline, US)
Decoded Feedback - Shockwave CD (Metropolis, US)
Dinky - Black Cabaret CD/2xLP (Carpark, US)
The Folk Implosion - The New Folk Implosion CD/LP (Domino, UK)
Gray Market Goods - We Live In The Future 12" (Thrill Jockey, US)
Hint - Quite Spectacular 10" (Hombre/Ninja Tune, UK)
Hood - Compilations 1995-2001 CD [anthology of compilation tracks] (Misplaced, UK)
Hood - Singles Compiled 1995-1998 2xCD [anthology of singles and bonus tracks] (Misplaced, UK)
* In The Nursery - An Ambush of Ghosts CD [remastered reissue with bonus track] (ITN Corp, UK)
JR Ewing - Ride Paranoia CD/LP (GSL, US)
* Mirror - Eye of the Storm CD (Streamline, US)
Mouse On Mars - Rost Pocks: The EP Collection CD (Too Pure, UK)
Norken - Static 12" (Hydrogen Dukebox, UK)
N.O.I.A. - Unreleased Classics '78-'82 CD/2xLP (Ersatz Audio, US)
* Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark CD [remastered reissue with bonus tracks] (Virgin, UK)
* Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Organisation CD [remastered reissue with bonus tracks] (Virgin, UK)
* Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Archetecture & Morality CD [remastered reissue with bonus tracks] (Virgin, UK)
The Postal Service - Give Up CD (Sub Pop, US)
* Pram - Dark Island CD/LP (Merge, US)
P'taah - Become Who You Are/Nobody Knows 12" (Ubiquity, US)
Nick Rapaccioli - 2/3 12" (Vertical Form, UK)
Sky City [Jamie Myerson] - Going... Gone CD (Sound Gizmo, US)
Nobukazu Takemura - 10th CD/LP (Thrill Jockey, US)
Tamion 12 Inch - All Black, Eyes Closed to the Excess of Disaster 12" (Ersatz Audio, US)
Various - Rewind 2 CD [with Roy Davis Jr., Yesterdays New Quintet, Herbert, Greyboy, Joseph Malik, Nicola Conte and more] (Ubiquity, US)
Venetian Snares - Find Candace CD/12" (Hymen, Germany)