02/23/2003 - 03/01/2003

A1 People - The Reason 12"/CDEP (Hydrogen Dukebox, UK)
* A Band of Bees - Sunshine Hit Me CD (Wall of Sound/Astralwerks, US)
A Luna Red - It Is Your Anthem/The Electric Blood 7" (GSL, US)
Akida & JoLynn - Interchangeable Interface CD (ghettoglitch.com, US)
Alpinestars - White Noise CD (Astralwerks, US)
Appliance - Go Native 7"/CDEP (Mute, UK)
Asche - Distorted DJ 2xCD/2xLP (Ant-Zen, Germany)
Ovil Bianca - The Wide Album CD ((K-RAA-K)3, Belgium)
Bug Vs. Rootsman/DJ Rupture - split 12"/CDEP (Tigerbeat6, US)
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Bring It On 10"/CDEP (Mute, UK)
Clearlake - Almost The Same 7"/CDEP (Domino, UK)
Coil - Live Four CD (Threshold House/World Serpent, UK)
Com.a - One More Story 12" (Tigerbeat6, US)
Cremaster - Infra CD (Antifrost, Greece/Spain)
Echoboy - Giraffe CD (Mute, US)
Giddy Motors - Magmanic 7"/CDEP (Fat Cat, UK)
Jello [Bola] - Lungbone 12"/CDEP (Peacefrog, UK)
JR Ewing - Ride Paranoia CD/LP (GSL, US)
Kaada - Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time CD (Ipecac, US)
Lexaunculpt - The Blurring Of Trees CD (Planet µ, UK)
Lyrics Born - Callin' Out 12" (Quannum/Ninja Tune, Canada)
* Majesticons - Beauty Party CD/2xLP (Big Dada/Ninja Tune, Canada/US)
Manitoba - Jacknuggeted 12"/CDEP (Leaf, UK)
Massive Attack - Special Cases 12"/CDEP/DVD [mixes by Akufen & Luomo] (Virgin, UK)
Melvins - Foaming/Arny 7" (Ipecac, US)
Melvins - Brain Center/Today Your Love... 7" (Ipecac, US)
Moly - Expressing Scorn Contempt Or Disgrace/The Opprobrious 12"/CDEP (Tenor Vossa, UK)
Mountaineers - Mountaineers 10"/CDEP (Mute, US)
Chris Morris - My Wrongs #8245-8249 and 117 DVD (Warp, UK)
Mountaineers - Mountaineers 10"/CDEP (Mute, UK)
Nightmares on Wax - 70s 80s 12"/CDEP (Warp, UK)
Numbers - Remixes Vol. 2 12" (Tigerbeat6, US)
Nurse With Wound - Salt Marie Celeste CD (United Dairies/World Serpent, UK)
Plain Brown Rapper [Rip Off Artist] - Back In Black 12" (Inflatabl, US)
Planalto - Primeira Planta 12" (Downsall Plastics, Holland)
Reynols - Pacalirte Sorban Cumanos LP [ltd to 100 copies] (Beta-Lactam Ring, US)
Royksopp - Eple two 12"s/two CDEPs (Wall of Sound, UK)
Sixtoo - Antagonist Survival Kit CD/LP (Vertical Form, UK)
Snog - Beyond the Valley of the Proles CD/2xLP (Hymen, Germany)
Soulo - Man, The Manipulator CD (Plug Research, US)
TES - New New York CD/LP (Lex/Warp, UK)
Various - Lexoleum 3 CD/LP [with Madlib, Supersoul, Danger Mouse/Sage Francis, J Zone and more] (Lex/Warp, UK)
Various - Playlist CD (JCR/Compost, Germany)
Various - Chillout 2003 CD [with Delerium, Kristy Hawkshaw, Sounds from the Ground and more] (Nettwerk, Canada/US)
* Visions of Excess - Sensitive Disruption CD (Tone Casualties, US)