05/16/2004 - 05/22/2004

Apparat - Shapemodes CD (Neo Ouija, UK)
Big Jus - Black Mamba CD/2xLP (Big Dada/Ninja Tune, Canada/US)
* Steven Brown - Searching For Contact CD [reissue with bonus tracks] (LTM, UK)
Collide - Vortex 2xCD (Noiseplus Music, US)
Current 93 - SixSixSix: SickSickSick CD [collection of tracks from rare/deleted releases] (Durtro, UK)
Cursor Miner - Cursor Miner Plays God CD (Lo Recordings, UK)
FZV - Precedent CD (Ai, UK)
Goldfrapp - Strict Machine 2x12"/CDEP (Mute, US)
Goudron - Raw Voltage CD/LP (Ersatz Audio, US)
Greyboy - To Know You Is To Love 12" [with Platinum Pied Pipers and Red Astaire mixes] (Ubiquity, US)
Kim Hiorth¿y - Hopeness CDEP (Smalltown Supersound, Norway)
Hot Chip - Coming On Strong CD/LP (Moshi Moshi, UK)
Jvox - Sunshine 7" (n5MD, US)
Kalpana - Hors de Combat CD (Redder, US)
Richard H. Kirk - Earlier/Later: Unreleased Projects Anthology 74/89 2xCD (Mute, UK)
Richard H. Kirk - Detonate/Reworks 12" (Mute, UK)
Martin Landsky - Fools (They Don't Know The Time) 12" (Poker Flat, Germany)
Legendary Pink Dots - The Whispering Wall CD (ROIR, US)
Miss Kittin - Professional Distortion 12"/CDEP (Mute, UK)
Mnemonic - Nahtot CDEP (Alfa Matrix, Belgium)
Monofader - Frost CD (Metropolis, US)
Pan sonic - Kesto 4xCD (Blast First/Mute, UK/US)
Panacea/Knifehandchop - Street Chic CD (Ad Noiseam, Germany)
* Theo Parrish - Parallel Dimensions CD/LP [reissue CD, first time on LP] (Ubiquity, US)
Project Pitchfork - Live 2003 DVD (Metropolis, US)
* Sandoz - Digital Lifeforms 2xCD [reissue with 2nd CD of bonus material] (Mute, UK)
Sandoz - Return To The Heart Of Darkness 12" (Mute, UK)
Sixtoo - Chewing On Glass & Other Miracle Cures CD/2xLP (Ninja Tune, UK/Canada/US)
Summer at Shatter Creek - Sink or Swim CDEP (Redder, US)
Throbbing Gristle - TG Now CD/LP (Industrial/Mute, UK)
Two Lone Swordsmen - From The Double Gone Chapel CD/LP (Warp, UK)
Paul van Dyk - Reflections 2xLP (Mute, US)
Various - TRR50 Thank You CD (Temporary Residence Limited, US)
Velvet Acid Christ - Between the Eyes Volume 2 CD (Metropolis, US)
Vesna - Snow Sences CD (n5MD, US)
Wagon Christ - Saddic Gladdic 12" (Ninja Tune, Canada/US)