06/22/2003 - 06/28/2003

7 Hurtz - Electroleum CD (Output, UK)
9 Lazy 9 - Sweet Jones CD/2xLP (Ninja Tune, UK)
Marc Almond - The Willing Sinner Live In Berlin CD (Cherry Red, UK)
American Analog Set - The Promise Of Love CD/LP (We Love You, UK)
Apollon - Aleatorical CD (D.O.R., UK)
Louie Austen - Easy Love CD (Kitty Yo, Germany)
Lisa Carbon - Standards CD (Rather Interesting, Chile/Germany)
Coil - Live One 2xCD (Threshold House/World Serpent, UK)
Cumulonimbus - Precipitation 12" (Hombre/Ninja Tune, UK)
Dan Curtin - Distort.Archive.Desire 12" (Down Low, US)
Decal - Brightest Star CD/2xLP (Rotters Golf Club, UK)
Aroy Dee - Goddess/Razar 12" (M>O>S, The Netherlands)
Delerium - Chimera CD (Nettwerk, Canada/US)
Detritus - Endogenous CD (Ad Noiseam, Germany)
DJ Format - The Hit Song 7"/12"/CDEP (PIAS, Canada)
Ergo Phizmiz - Frithden CDEP [remix by People Like Us] (Mukow, UK)
Fila Brazillia - A Touch Of Cloth CD [reissue] (23, UK)
Fila Brazillia - Black Market Gardening CD [reissue] (23, UK)
Fila Brazillia - Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight CD [reissue] (23, UK)
Fila Brazillia - Maim That Tune CD [reissue] (23, UK)
Fila Brazillia - Mess CD [reissue] (23, UK)
Fila Brazillia - Old Codes New Chaos CD [reissue] (23, UK)
Fila Brazillia - Power Clown CD [reissue] (23, UK)
Flaming Lips - The Fight Test two CDEPs/DVD (Warner, UK)
Har Mar Superstar - EZ Pass 12"/CDEP (B Unique, UK)
HiM - Many In High Places Are Not Well CD/LP (Fat Cat, UK)
Infesticons vs. Majesticons - Beauty vs. Ugly 2xLP (Big Dada/Ninja Tune, UK)
Just One - U & I 12" (Rush Hour, The Netherlands)
Kill Me Tomorrow - Skin's Getting Weird 12"/CDEP (GSL, US)
Larvae - Monster Music CDEP (Ad Noiseam, Germany)
The Locust - Plague Soundscapes CD/LP (Anti, US/UK)
Mawglee - Nouby Rapture 12" (Tru Thoughts, UK)
Medicine - Mechanical Forces of Love CD (Wall of Sound, UK)
Minamo - Shrine/Nest CDR (Mr. Mutt, Italy)
Ben Nevile - The Norris Division Sucked 12" (Telegraph, France)
Nudge - Elaborate Devices For Filtering CD (Tigerbeat6, US)
Octagon Man - Magneton 2xLP (DC Recordings, UK)
Erlend Oye - Sheltered Life 7"/12"/CDEP (Source, UK)
R.E.C. - Batter Up 12" (Eevolute, The Netherlands)
SCSI-9 - All She Wants Is 12" (Kompakt, Germany)
Jon Slocum - Upstairs at Derrick?s: Session 1 12" (M.O.U.T., The Netherlands)
Sogar - Eel & Coffee CDR (Mr. Mutt, Italy)
David Sylvian - Blemish CD (Samadhi Sound, US)
Thighpaulsandra - Double Vulgar CD/LP (Retractor/World Serpent, UK)
Miles Tilmann - Over and Through 10" (Consumers Research and Development, US)
Various - Talisman CD (Interchill, Canada)
Various - Good Night: Music To Sleep By 2xCD (Tigerbeat6, US)
Various - RU Electronic Two CD (Lo Recordings, UK)
Various - Sonic Mook Experiment: Hot Shit CD/2xLP [with Pink Grease, !!!, Radio 4, Erase Errata and more] (Blast First/Mute, UK)
V/Vm - Dimitri Shostakovich: The Missing Symphony CD (V/Vm Test, UK)
Yellotone - Geen Mayo 12" (Ai, UK)