07/21/2003 - 07/27/2003

* Avril - That Horse Must Be Starving CD (F-Comm/PIAS/Beggars, Canada)
* Jonathan Coleclough and Andrew Chalk - Sumac CD [I-C-R] (World Serpent, UK)
Chris & Cosey - C&C Luchtbal CD (CTI, UK)
Goldfrapp - Strict Machine two CDEPs/DVD (Mute, UK)
* The Hacker - Melodies En Sous-Sol CD (GoodLife/PIAS/Beggars, Canada)
Haujobb - Vertical Theory CD (Metropolis, US)
* Kiko - Midnight Magic CD (GoodLife/PIAS/Beggars, Canada)
* Meat Beat Manifesto - Storm the Studio CD [remastered reissue] (Run, US)
* Meat Beat Manifesto - Armed Audio Warfare CD [remastered reissue] (Run, US)
The Meteorites - Dub The Mighty Dragon CD/2xLP (Rise Robots Rise, UK)
Toolshed - Pazuzu 12"/CDEP (Twisted Nerve, UK)
Various - Snow Robots Vol. 3 CD [promo/mail order only release with Solvert, Lowfish, David Kristian, GD Luxxe, Orgue Electronique and more] (Suction, Canada)
Snog - Adventures in Capitalism DVD (Metropolis, US)