10/10/2004 - 10/16/2004

American Music Club - Love Songs for Patriots CD (Cooking Vinyl, UK/Merge, US)
AM/PM - The Ends II 12" (Dreck, UK)
AM/PM - The Ends I & II CD (Dreck, UK)
Aqueduct - Pistols at Dawn CD (Barsuk, US)
Afrika Bambaataa - Dark Matter: Moving at the Speed of Light CD (Tommy Boy, US)
Frank Black Francis - Frank Black Francis CD (spinART, US)
Breakestra - Don't Need a Dance 12" (Ubiquity, US)
Brpobr - Brpobr CD (aRtonal, Austria)
Richard Buckner - Dents and Shells CD (Merge, US)
Caduceus - Factory Sounds Vol. 1 12" (Zero G Sounds, US)
Calexico - World Drifts In DVD (1/4 Stick/Touch & Go, US)
Camper Van Beethoven - New Roman Times CD (Vanguard, US)
* Can - Ege Bamyasi hybrid SACD [remastered reissue] (Spoon/Mute, UK)
* Can - Tago Mago hybrid SACD [remastered reissue] (Spoon/Mute, UK)
* Can - Monster Movie hybrid SACD [remastered reissue] (Spoon/Mute, UK)
* Can - Soundtracks hybrid SACD [remastered reissue] (Spoon/Mute, UK)
* The Dears - No Cities Left CD (Bella Union, UK)
Destructo Swarmbots - The Mountain CDEP (Public Guilt, US)
Die Warzau - Convenience CD (Pulseblack, US)
Dosh - Pure Trash CD/LP (Anticon, US)
The Faint - I Disappear CDEP (Saddle Creek, US)
Finesse & Runway - Finesse & Runway CD (Schematic, US)
Frog Eyes - The Folded Palm CD (Absolutely Kosher, US)
Gold Chains & Sue Cie - When The World Was Our Friend CD/2xLP (Kitty Yo, Germany/Kill Rock Stars, US)
Hanzel und Gretyl - Scheissmessiah CD (Metropolis, US)
Hexstatic - Master View CD+DVD (Ninja Tune, UK)
Hocico - Wrack & Ruin CD/2xCD/2xLP (Out of Line, Germany)
* Kalima - Night Time Shadows CD [remastered reissue with bonus tracks] (LTM, UK)
Machine Drum - Bidnezz CD/2xLP (Merck, US)
* Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs 3xCD [reissue] (Domino, UK)
* Magnetic Fields - The Charm of the Highway Strip CD [reissue] (Domino, UK)
* Magnetic Fields - Wayward Bus/Plastic Trees CD [reissue] (Domino, UK)
* Magnetic Fields - House of Tomorrow CD [reissue] (Domino, UK)
* Magnetic Fields - Holiday CD [reissue] (Domino, UK)
Massive Attack - Danny The Dog soundtrack CD (Virgin, UK)
McEnroe - Working In The Factory/Party People 12" (Vertical Form, UK)
Ministry - Early Trax CD [remastered collection of early singles with additional unreleased material] (RykoDisc, US)
Ministry - Side Trax CD [remastered collection of Ministry side-projects including PTP, 1000 Homo DJs, Pailhead & Acid Horse] (RykoDisc, US)
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - The Kult Kollection DVD (RykoDisc, US)
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Diamonds & Daggerz CD (RykoDisc, US)
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - The Be(a)st of TKK CD (RykoDisc, US)
Clive Palmer (of the Incredible String Band) - All Roads Lead to Land CD (Dicristina, US)
Panzer AG - This Is My Battlefield CD (Metropolis, US)
Photophob - Your Majesty Machine CD (Hive, US)
Pig Destroyer - Terrifier CD (Relapse, US)
Pinback - Summer in Abaddon CD/LP (Touch & Go, US)
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - The Doldrums CD (Paw-Tracks/Carpark, US)
Platinum Pied Pipers - Stay With Me 12" (Ubiquity, US)
Point of Grace - I Choose You CD (Touch and Go, US)
* Revolting Cocks - Big Sexy Land CD [remastered reissue with bonus tracks] (RykoDisc, US)
* Revolting Cocks - You Goddamned Son of a Bitch 2xCD [remastered reissue with bonus tracks] (RykoDisc, US)
* Revolting Cocks - Beers Steers & Queers CD [remastered reissue with bonus tracks] (RykoDisc, US)
Robokoneko - Shades of Genki CDR [ltd to 211 copies] (Piehead, Canada)
Savath & Savalas - Mañana 12"/CDEP (Warp, UK)
Seabound - No Sleep Demon V2.0 CD (Metropolis, US)
Shapeshifter - Reticulum Flux CD (Schematic, US)
Shitmat - Full English Breakfest Vol. 5 12" (Planet µ, UK)
Shitmat - Full English Breakfest CD (Planet µ, UK)
Subtle - A New White CD/LP (Lex/Warp, US)
Théodore - A summer she has never been, a winter she fears CD/LP (Lo Recordings, UK)
Toob - The Miscreant 12" (Lo Recordings, UK)
Triosk - Moment Returns CD/LP (Leaf, UK)
TUK - Proud Princess of a Brand New City CD ((K-RAA-K)3, The Netherlands)
TV On The Radio - New Health Rock 7"/CDEP (Touch & Go, US)
The Vanishing - Still Lifes Are Failing CD (Fatal, Germany)
Various - Be Strong 12" (Shockout/Tigerbeat6, US)
Various - Beatservice Jukebox: The Best of Beatservice 2xCD/DVD (Beatservice, Norway)
Various - Disco Undead CD/2xLP (Device Electronic Entertainment, UK)
Various - Everything is Green CD (Toytronic, UK)
Various - Matador At Fifteen 2xCD+DVD (Matador, US)
Various - Projekt Holiday Single 1 CDEP (Projekt, US)
Various - This Place is Dreaming CD ((K-RAA-K)3, The Netherlands)
Velvet Acid Christ - Between the Eyes, Vol. 3 CD (Metropolis, US)
vidnaObmana - Legacy CD (Release/Relapse, US)