10/14/2001 - 10/21/2001

Colourbox - The Best of Colourbox CD (4AD, UK)
James Cotton - Mind Your Manners 12" (Ghostly International, US)
Greg Davis - Clouds as Edges 7" (Grounded, US)
Erasure - The Moon & The Sky 12"/CDEP (Mute, UK)
Fad Gadget - The Best of Fad Gadget CD (Mute, UK)
Beth Hirsch - Titles & Idols CD/LP (!K7, Germany)
I.D. - <li>us CD (Antifrost, Greece)
Lali Puna - Scary World Theory CD/LP (Morr Music, Germany)
Lali Puna - remix 7" [mixes by Two Lone Swordsmen & Leboeg] (A Number of Small Things/Morr Music, Germany)
Francisco LÑpez - Knowing When To Not Know CD (Antifrost, Greece)
The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band - Born Into Trouble As the Sparks Fly Upward CD/2x10" (Constellation, UK/Europe)
Various - The Cosmic Forces of µ 2xCD (Planet µ, UK)


Randall Cousins - meltdownOrange CD (Alleged Iguana, Canada)
Takagi Masakatsu - Pia 2xCD [one audio disc, one video disc] (Carpark, US)
Miss Dinky - Kill the Bass Kick 12" (Carpark, US)
* This Ascension - Walk Softly, a dream lies here CD (Projekt, US)
* This Ascension - Sever CD (Projekt, US)
Various - Immediate Action 2xCD [compilation of tracks from 12" series] (Hefty, US)


In The Nursery - Engel CD (ITN Corporation, UK)


Joshua Treble - Cold Filthy Techniques to Keep You Close CD (Pitchcadet, US)