10/14/2007 - 10/20/2007

Some of the new notables this week include Tarwater, Foetus, Karen Dalton, Mammal, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Japancakes. Reissues are available from Current 93, The Black Dog, Les Temps Heureux, Terry Riley, and the Butthole Surfers, not to mention a whole mess of reissued LPs from the Gits!

*The Black Dog, "Temple of Transparent Bells" (Soma) CD
Japancakes, "Giving Machines" (Darla) CD
Lightspeed Champion, "Midnight Surprise" (Domino) Digital/10"
Von Sudenfed, "Rhinohead/Slow Down Ronnie" (Domino) 12"

Admiral Twin, "Center Of The Universe" (Pop Collective) CD
Babylon System, "Loaded/Dancin' Shoes" (Argon) 12"
Simon Baker, "Confused" (Infant Ltd.) 12"
*Blues Addicts, "S/T" (Shadoks Music) LP
Nikolaus Brass, "Orchestral Works Vol. 1" (Neos) CD
Peter Broderick, "Retreat/Release" (Type) 7"
*Butthole Surfers, "Piouhgd + Widowmaker" (Latino Buggerveil) CD
Byla/Jarobe, "Viscera" (Translation Loss) CD
The Cake Sale, "S/T" (Yep Roc) CD
Johnny Cash, "Live From Austin, TX" (New West) CD
Cassy, "Nil Desperandum" (Perlon) 12"
Champion Kickboxer, "Perforations" (54-40 Or Fight) CD
Cluekid & Cotti, "The Legacy" (Minus Thirty) 12"
Coki, "Spongebob/The End" (DMZ) 12"
Julian Cope, "Japanrocksampler" (Bloomsbury) Book        
Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb, "2006 Remixes II" (Mental Groove) 12"
C-Schulz & F.X.Randomiz, "Das Ohr am Gleis" (Sonig) CD+DVD
*Current 93, "Of Rune or Some Blazing Starre (Durtro Jnana) CD
*Czar, "S/T" (Sunbeam Records) 2xLP
Karen Dalton, "Cotton Eyed Joe" (Delmore Recordings) 2xCD+DVD
Dapayk & Padberg, "Black Beauty" (Mo's Ferry) CD/2xLP
The Dead C, "Future Artists" (BaDaBing!) 2xLP
Dibaba, "In Your Face is the Place" (Gigolo) 12"
Nick Didkovsky, "Ice Cream Time" (New World Records) CD
Dillinger Escape Plan, "Ire Works" (Relapse) CD
Christian Dittmann, "Mala Cosa" (Persona Records) 12"
DST, "The Suburbanite EP" (Crater) 12"
Chuck Dukowski Sextet, "Reverse Of The Polarity" (Nice and Friendly) CD
Emptyset, "Isokon/Seclusion" (Future Days) 12"
Faki/2000 and One, "Work (Late Nite NYC Edit)/Odyssee I" (Podium) 12"
F1, "The Peng" (Crater) 12"
Foetus, "Vein" (Birdman) CD
Hauke Freer, "My Beat/We Must Face Our Fears" (Real Soon) 12"
Friendly Fires, "The Remix EP" (People in the Sky) 12"
Frog Pocket, "Come On Primates!" (Planet μ) CD
Ghastly City Sleep, "S/T" (Robotic Empire) CD/LP
*The Gits, "Enter: The Conquering Chicken" (Broken Rekids) LP
*The Gits, "Frenching the Bully" (Broken Rekids) LP
*The Gits, "Seafish Louisville" (Broken Rekids) LP
Gudrun Gut, "Pleasure Train/Pleasure Version" (Earsugar) 7"
Marcus Hartmann, "Rapid Fire" (Opossum Mini) 12"
H.O.S.H., "Grünanlage/Blaupause" (Stil Vor Talent) 12"
Hotplate, "Elphas" (World In Winter) CD
Joan Of Arc, "Orchard Vale Soundtrack" (Record Label) CD
Kosh, "Brassic/Alien" (Crater) 12"
Lerosa, "Design EP" (A Touch of Class) 12"
*Les Temps Heureux, "En Ces Jours" (Shadoks Music) LP
The Lonesomes, "This Is Cow-Fi" (Loaf) CD
Louderbach, "Enemy Love Remix EP II" (Underl_ne) 12"
Lukid, "The Now" (Werk) 12"
Mammal, "Lonesome Drifter" (Animal Disguise) CD/LP
Maritime, "Heresey & The Hotel Choir" (Flameshovel) CD
Monoblock, "La Otra Cara Del Enano Remixes" (Immigrant) 12"
Mundo, "Down in the South/Dub of the Dreads" (Dub Assembly) 10"
Mundo, "Low/U Get None" (Dub Assembly) 10"
Nasty Jack, "My Name Is" (Adamantium Music) 7"
Luigi Nono, "Prometeo, Tragedia dell'ascolto" (Col Legno) 2xCD/SACD
Patrick Lundborg, "The Acid Archives" (Lysergia) Book
*Nurse With Wound, "Homotopy To Marie" (United Jnana) CD
The Octopus Project, "Hello Avalanche" (Peek A Boo) CD/LP
Origami Arktika, "Trollebotn" (Silber) CD
Parson, "Throw Some Ds" (Planet μ) 12"
Pascal F.E.O.S., "Return 2 Zero" (Karmarouge) 12"
Pearlfishers, "The Umbrellas of Shibuya" (Marina) 7"
Pinch, "Pepper Spray" (Planet μ) 12"
Plumerai, "Without Number" (Silber) CD
James Priestley & Dan Berkson, "Chariots" (Simple Music) 12"
*Pylon, "Gyrate" (DFA) CD
*Question Mark, "Be Nice to the People" (Shadoks Music) LP
Rahdunes, "S/T" (Emperor Jones) LP
Rejekts, "Es Kubells" (Rejekt Music) 12"
Martin Reshent, "Disco Unlmited" (Tirk) 12"
*Terry Riley, "Music for The Gift" (Elision Fields) CD
David Rosenboom, "Future Travel/And Out Come The Night Ears" (New World Records) CD
Rubens, "Breaking Into Smile" (Herb) 12"
Tom James Scott, "Red Deer" (Bo Weavil Recordings) CD
Skallander, "S/T" (Type) LP
SNMNMNM, "Crawl Inside Your Head" (Unschooled Records) CD
Southeast Engine, "Wheel Within A Wheel" (Misra) CD
Strategy, "Future Rock/Can't Roll Back" (Community Library) 12"
Syrup Girls vs. Sick Girls, "Shotgun Wedding Vol. 8" (Violent Turd) CD
Tarwater, "Tar Babies/Strawberry Statement" (Earsugar) 7"
Martin Tetreault/Kid Koala, "Phon-O-Victo" (Victo) CD
Andreas Tilliander, "She Don't Cry" (Repeatle) 12"
To Kill A Pretty Bourgeoisie, "Patron" (Kranky) CD
2562, "Kameleon/Channel One" (Tectonic) 12"
Underworld, "Oblivion With Bells" (Side One Dummy) Digital/CD/CD+DVD
Valet, "Fire" (Burnt Brown Sounds) 7"
Marcus Worgull feat. Mr. White, "Spellbound EP" (Innervisions) 12"
Jens Zimmerman, "Reduction, Seduction" (Harthouse) 12"
Zweikarkater, "Kuma Suma/Touched By This" (Neutonmusic) 12"
V/A, "Migrating Bird: The Songs of Lal Waterson" (Honest Jon's Records) 12"