10/8/2006 - 10/14/2006

It's another big week for new releases, with new things due from Sybarite, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, The Drones, and the latest In the Fishtank volume with Isis/Aereogramme, plus old stuff from the vaults unearthed or repackaged from Four Tet, Dead Can Dance, Antonin Artaud, and more.


OCTOBER 9th, 2006
Archie Bronson Outfit - Cherry Lips 7" (Domino, UK)
The Drones - Gala Mill LP/CD (ATP, UK)
Laibach - Anglia 12"/CDS (Mute, UK)

OCTOBER 10th, 2006
A Hawk and a Hacksaw - The Way the Wind Blows LP/CD (Leaf, UK/US)
Ellen Allien & Apparat - Jet Remixes 12" (Bpitch Control, DE)
*Antonin Artaud - Pour En Finir Avec le Judgement de Dieu CD (Sub Rosa, BE)
Xenia Beliayeva - Ultra Glamour 12" (Datapunk, UK)
Chavez - Better Days Will Haunt You 2xCD+DVD (Matador, US)
Das Bierbeben - Alles Fällt (Losoul Remixes) 12" (Shitkatapult, DE)
Davidovitch/Maxime Dangles - Speicher 39 12" (Kompakt, DE)
*Dead Can Dance - Wake 2xCD (4AD, US)
*Merrell Fankhauser - Maui CD (Subliminal Sounds, UK)
Four Tet - Remixes 2xCD (Domino, US)
Fuckpony - Get Pony EP 12" (Get Physical, FR)
Harvey Danger - Little Round Mirrors CD EP (Barsuk, US)
Heidi - Monza Club Ibiza Compilation Vol. 1 CD (Get Physical, FR)
Hisato Higuchi - Dialogue CD (Family Vineyard, US)
Holiday for Strings - Holiday for Strings CD (Stilll, DE)
Ezekiel Honig - Scattered Practices CD (Microcosm, UK)
Immune - Sound Inside CD (Stilll, DE)
In Flagranti - Wronger THan Anyone Else CD (Codek, US)
Isis/Aereogramme - In the Fishtank CD (Konkurrent/Touch & Go, US)
Rickard Javerling -  Two Times Five Lullaby CD (Yesternow, SE)
Geir Jenssen - Cho Oyu 8201m CD (Ash International, UK)
Paul Kalibrenner - ReWorks #1 12" (Bpitch Control, DE)
Hanno Leichtmann - Nuit du Plomb LP/CD (Karaoke Kalk, DE)
Mr. Cooper - Amongst Strangers CD (Wimm, UK)
Mountaineer - When the Air is Bright They Shine LP/CD (Type, DE)
Bruno Pronsato - Lady Collage 12" (Orac, US)
Rope - Heresy, and Then Nothing But Tears CD (Family Vineyard, US)
*Mike Sammes and the Mike Sammes Singers - Music for Biscuits LP/CD (Trunk, NO)
Skatebard - Midnight Magic CD (Digitalio, IT)
Nikki Sudden - The Truth Doesn't Matter CD (Secretly Canadian, US)
Sybarite - Cut Out Shape CD (Temporary Residence, US)
John Tejada - Sweat (On The Walls) 12" (Poker Flat, UK)
Trentemøller - The Last Resort 2xLP/2xCD (Poker Flat, UK)
Donato Wharton - Body Isolations LP/CD (City Centre Offices, DE)
Zombie Nation -  Booster/Orange 12" (UKW, UK)
[Various Artists] - 7" Up! CD (Crippled Dick Hot Wax, DE)
[Various Artists] - Full Body Workout 3 2x12" (Get Physical, FR)
[Various Artists] - Jazzin' the Black Forest DVD (Monitor Pop, US)
[Various Artists] - John Peel: Right Time, Wrong Speed 1987-1987 Peel Sessions 2xCD (Strange Fruit, UK)
[Various Artists] - Spaceships & Pings 12" (Items & Things, UK)