11/19/2006 - 11/25/2006


Cappablack - Facades & Skeletons CD (~scape, DE)
Tony Conrad and Charlemagne Palestine - An Aural Symbiotic Mystery CD (Sub Rosa, BE)
Dr. Lektroluv - Live Recorded at Extrema Outdoor 2006 (Lektroluv, DE)
Eyeless in Gaza - Plague Of Years CD (Sub Rosa, BE)
Lisa Gerrard - The Silver Tree CD (4AD, AU)
Richie Hawtin - Pioneers of Electronic Music - Vol. 1 DVD (Sense Music & Media, US)
Hecker - Recordings for Rephlex CD (Rephlex, UK)
*Joy Division “Unknown Pleasures” (Rhino) LP
*Joy Division “Closer” (Rhino) LP
*KMFDM - Naïve CD (Metropolis, US)
*KMFDM - Angst CD (Metropolis, US)
*KMFDM - Money CD (Metropolis, US)
Paul Kalkbrenner - ReWorks vol. 2 12" (Bpitch Control, DE)
Move D - Kunststoff LP/CD (City Centre Offices, DE)
Claudio Parodi - Horizontal Mover (homage to Alvin Lucier) CD (Extreme, AU)
Horatiu Radulescu - Intimate Rituals CD (Sub Rosa, BE)
Sufjan Stevens “Songs for Christmas” (Asthmatic Kitty) 2CD
*Throwing Muses - House Tornado CD (4AD, US)
*Throwing Muses - University CD (4AD, US)
Vedette - Vedette CD (Stilll, DE)
Tom Waits - Orphans 3xCD (Anti, US)
TK Webb “Phantom Parade” (Social Registry) CD
*Chris Watson and BJ Nilsen - Storm CD (Touch, UK)
Geoff White - Nevertheless CD (Background, US)