11/4/2007 - 11/10/2007

November starts out strong with new releases from Stereo Total, Gescom, Ellen Allien, The Pyramids, and Sun City Girls, several new comps each from Sublime Frequencies and Psychic Circle, and bunch of reissues on Fallout.

The Pyramids, "S/T" (Domino) Digital/CD

*The Advancement, "S/T" (Fallout) CD
Robert Babicz, "Pingpong in Moonlight" (Audiomatique) 12"
Marco Bailey & Tom Hades, "Avalon" (MBElektronics) 12"
*Steve Baron Quartet, "The Mother of Us All" (Fallout) CD
Bochum Welt, "Robotic Operating Buddy" (Rephlex) 10"
Peter Broderick, "Retreat/Release" (Type) 7"
Bug & Steve Cle, "Silicon Ballet EP" (Poker Flat) 12"
Burial, "Untrue" (Hyperdub) CD/2xLP
Dave Clarke, "I Love Techno 2007" (Music Man) CD
Crowdpleaser & St-Plomb, "2006 Remixes II" (Mental Groove Ltd.) 12"
Tom Danzing, "Nocturne EP" (MBSelektions) 12"
Deetron feat. Ovasoul 7, "I Cling" (Music Man) 12"
Dirt Crew, "Places/Deep (We Are) Remixes" (Dirt Crew) 12"
Dirt Crew, "Coming For You/Big Bad City" (Dirt Crew) 12"
Disrupt, "Foundation Bit" (Werk) CD
Christian Dittmann, "Mala Cosa" (Persona Records) 12"
Don Shtone, "Beware of the Cat" (Off) CD
Donna Regina, "More" (Karaoke Kalk) CD/LP
Edu K, "Gatas Gatas Gatas Vol. 1" (Man Recordings) 12"
Ellen Allien, "Go" (BPitch Control) 12"
Eskiboy, "The Best of Tunnel Vision" (Eskibeat Recordings) 2xCD
Estroe vs. Zoexenia, "Sweet Dreams" (Connaiseur Recordings) 12"
Fairmont, "Flight of the Albatross" (Border Community) 12"
Fairmont, "Coloured in Memory" (Border Community) CD/LP
Flower Travellin' Band, "Satori" (Phoenix Records) CD
Gaiser, "Eye Contact" (Minus) 2x12"
Gescom, "A1-B1" (Skam) 12"
Gescom, "C1-D1" (Skam) 12"
Gescom, "A1-D1" (Skam) CD
Globo & Telemark, "Whip It/The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise" (Hydrogen Dukebox) 7"
Olivier Gregoire, "Empechement/Sarma/Diapo" (Systematic) 12"
Peter Grudzien, "The Unicorn/The Garden of Love" (Subliminal Sounds) 2xLP
Marc Houle, "Techno Vocals" (Minus) 12"
Chaz Jankel, "My Occupation 12" Sampler" (Tirk) 12"
Chaz Jankel, "My Occupation: The Music of Chaz Jankel" (Tirk) CD
Kollektiv Trumstrasse, "Tristesse" (Connaiseur Recordings) 12"
Lawrence, "Rabbit Tube" (Mule Electronic) 12"
Legowelt, "Disco Rout Remixes" (Cocoon) 12"
*Leonda, "Woman In The Sun" (Fallout) CD
Lukid, "The Now" (Werk) 12"
Modeste vs. Soulinterface, "Stronger Through Pain" (Echocord) 12"
Ole-Henrik Moe, "Ciaccona/3 Persephone Perceptions" (Rune Grammofon) 2xCD
The Mole, "Ombudsman" (Musique Risquee) 12"
Motiivi:Tuntematon, "Speicher 46" (Kompakt) 12"
A Mountain of One, "Collected Works" (Mountain Records/10 Worlds) CD
*Curt Newbury, "Half A Month of Maydays" (Fallout) CD
Jurgen Paape/Tom Pooks, "Speicher 45" (Kompakt) 12"
Pinch, "One Blood, One Source/Trauma" (Tectonic) 12"
Radio Slave, "No Sleep (Part Three) 12"
Raudive, "Zeitgeist EP" (Poket Flat) 12"
Riley Reinhold, "Lull EP" (My Best Friend) 12"
Reverso 68, "Piece Together" (Eskimo) 12"
Rockford Kabine, "Italian Music 31: Invalid Movie Themes" (Combination) CD
*Tommy Roe, "Phantasy" (Fallout) CD
Marc Romboy vs. Gui Boratto, "Eurasia" (Systematic) 12"
Anthony Rother, "So Good" (Datapunk) 12"
Martin Rushent, "Disco Unlimited" (Tirk) 12"
Sawako, "Madoromi" (Anticipate) CD
Shrubbn!!, "Molly Rhubarb/Brandenburg" (Musick) 12"
*Kathy Smith, "Some Songs I've Saved" (Fallout) CD
Stereo Total, "Paris-Berlin" (Disko-B) LP
The Story, "Arcane Rising" (Sunbeam Records) CD
Sun City Girls, "Dulce OST" (Abduction) CD
Sun City Girls, "Jacks Creek" (Abduction) CD
Teflon, "The Wombat" (Crosstown Rebels) 12"
Tigerskin, "Push the Patton" (Dirt Crew) 12"
Ricardo Tobar, "El Sunset" (Border Community) 12"
2562, "Kameleon/Channel One" (Tectonic) 12"
M. Ward, "Early Morning Rain" (Merge) Digital Single
Chris Watson, "Oceanus Pacificus" (Touch) 7"
V/A, "Art of Field Recording Vol. 1" (Dust-to-Digital) 4xCD boxset
V/A, "Fairy Cakes For Tea: Fairytales Can Come True Vol. 2" (Psychic Circle) CD
V/A, "Latinamericarpet: Exploring the Vinyl Warp of Latin American" (Sublime Frequencies) CD
V/A, "Monza Club Ibiza Vol. 2" (Get Physical Music) 12"
V/A, "Proibidao C.V.: Forbidden Gang Funk from Rio de Janeiro" (Sublime Frequencies) CD
V/A, "Try Me Out: Ballroom Beat Vol. 2" (Psychic Circle) CD
V/A, "Various Punks Vol. A" (Datapunk) 2x12"