1/15/2012 - 1/21/2012

Look for new things this week from Mark Van Hoen, Byetone, The Sound, and Alog as well as old music from Minny Pops.1/16/2012
*Minny Pops, "Standstill to Motion" (LTM) CD+DVD

Aidan Baker, "Spectrum of Distraction" (Robotic Empire) CD
Alog, "Unemployed" (Rune Grammofon) CD/4xLP
Blues Creation, "Demon & Eleven Children" (Bamboo) LP
Byetone, "Symeta" (Raster-Noton) LP
The Sound, "Jeopardy" (1972) CD
Grimes, "Visions" (Arbutus) CD
Daniel Menche, "Guts" (Editions Mego) CD/2xLP
Hawkinson, "Klaf" (Mueller) CD
Mark Van Hoen, "The Revenant Diary" (Editions Mego) CD/2xLP
Dave Formula - Christine Hanson, "The Organ of Corti" (Off) CD
No UFO's, "Soft Coast" (Spectrum Spools) LP
Raw Material, "Raw Material" (Spiral Groove) LP
Siopis, "Ausländer" (Klik) CD
Trailer Trash Tracys, "Ester" (Domino) CD
Jana Winderen, "Débris" (Touch) LP