4/1/2001 - 4/8/2001

Bomb The Bass & Lali Puna - Clear Cut 12"/CDEP [mixes by Herrmann
& Kleine, Opiate, Arovane and Christian Kleine] (Morr Music,
Chris Clark - Clarence Park CD/LP (Warp, UK/US)
Joseph Nothing - Just One Fix 7" (Planet µ, UK)
Panacea & Cativo - The Hardest Tour on Planet Earth CD/4xLP (Position Chrome, Germany)
Rufige Crew [Goldie] - Stormtroopa VIP 12" (Metalheadz/London, UK)
Roni Size/Reprazent - Dirty Beats (remixes) two 12"s (Talkin' Loud, UK)
Various - The Braindance Coincidence CD/2xLP [10th anniversary collection of previously released tracks from the Rephlex back-catalogue] (Rephlex, UK)
Various - The Death of Cool: Part 2 2xLP (Leaf/Noodles, UK)

Beneath Autumn Sky - Enki-Du 12" (Hefty, US)
Loquate - Miracles 12" (Ubiquity, US)
Mira - t.b.a. CD (Projekt, US)
Rajna - t.b.a. CD (Projekt, US)
* Spacer - Cursory 12" [mixes by Nexus and Palm Skin Productions] (Pussyfoot, UK)
Sylk 130 - Re-Members Only 2xLP (Six Degrees, US/Canada)
James Taylor Quartet - Tough Chicken 7" (Ubiquity, US)
Various - autumnature CD [Colongib, Jet Jaguar, Lackluster, Hrvatski,
Fizzarum, Bauri, I Am Robot and Proud, Kettel, Cex, Zammuto, ml,
Asterisk, Marumari and Lexaunculpt] (Autumn, US)
Various - No Categories 4 CD/LP (Ubiquity, US)
* Andy Votel - Styles of the Unexpected CD (XL/Beggars Banquet, US/Canada)

Zorn - The City's Collapsing (But Not Tonight) CD/2xLP (Lux Nigra, Germany)

Mental Destruction - t.b.a. 7" (Ant-Zen, Germany)