4/8/2012 - 4/14/2012

Look for new music this week from DAT Politics, Ramases, Black Dice, Lotus Plaza, and Trembling Bells & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.04/09/12
Band of Skulls, "Sweet and Sour" (Electric Blues) LP
Berangere Maximin, "No One Is A Island" (Sub Rosa) CD
Bobby Conn, "Macaroni" (Fire) CD/LP
Cupp Cave, "Retina Waves" (Ramp) LP
Dat Politics, "Blitz Gazer" (Sub Rosa) CD/LP
Don Preston, "Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967-75" (Sub Rosa) CD/LP
Erdem Helvaczoglu, "Timeless Waves" (Sub Rosa) CD
Hospitality, "Hospitality" (Fire) CD/LP
Father Murphy, "Anyway, Your Children Will Deny It" (Aagoo) CD/LP
Filastine, "£00T " (Post World Industries) CD
Krazy Baldhead, "The Noise In The Sky" (Ed Banger) CD/LP
Lotus Plaza, "Spooky Action At A Distance" (Kranky) CD/LP
Machinefabriek, "Colour Tones" (Fang Bomb) CD
Magnetix, "Drogue Electrique" (Slovenly) LP
Israel Martinez, "Two Espressos In Two Separate Cups" (Aagoo)
Phillippe Petit, "Chapter 1 Oneiric Rings On Gray Velvet" (Aagoo) CD
Ramases, "Space Hymns" (Mexican Summer) CD
Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, "Sequence II - Mittletonöne - Trio 89 (m=minimal) CD/LP
Tomat, "01-06 June" (Monotreme) CD
UV Pop, "No Songs" (Sacred Bones) CD/LP
*[V/A], Saigon Rock & Soul: Vietnam Classic Tracks 1968-1974 (Sublime Frequencies) CD

Aaron Freeman, "Marvelous Clouds" (Partisan) CD
Addison Groove, "Transistor Rhythm" (50 Weapons) CD/2xLP
Alabama Shakes, "Boys & Girls" (ATO) CD
American Dream, "The American Dream" (Kimset) LP
Hans Appelqvist, "Sjunga Slutet Nu" (Hapna) CD
Black Dice, "Mr. Impossible" (Ribbon Music) CD/LP
Bonaparte, "My Horse Likes You" (Staatsakt) CD/2xLP
Brast Burn, "Debon" (Phoenix) LP
British Expeditionary Force, "Chapter Two: Konstellation Neu" (Erased Tapes) CD
Choir Of Young Believers, "Rhine Gold" (Ghostly International) CD/LP
Dinosaur Feathers, "Whistle Tips" (Ernest Jenning) CD
Emptyset, "Medium" (Subtext) CD/LP
Eight and a Half, "Eight and a Half" (Arts & Crafts) CD/LP
Erden Helvacioglu, "Timeless Waves (Sub Rosa) CD
Eternal Summers, "Dawn of Eternal Summers" (Kanine) CD
General Strike, "Danger in Paradise" (Staubgold) LP
It's A Musical, "For Years and Years" (Morr) CD/LP
Kreuzweg Ost, "Gott Mit Uns" (Cold Spring) CD
Loops of Your Heart, "And Never Ending Nights" (Magazine) LP
Lull/Beta Cloud/Andrew Liles, "Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured" (Cold Spring) CD
The Funkees, "Dancing Time" (Soundway) CD
Berangere Maximin, "No One Is An Island" (Sub Rosa) CD
Musette, "Drape Me In Velvet" (Hapna) CD
M.Ward, "A Wasteland Companion" (Merge) CD/LP
oOoOO, "Our Love Is Killing Us" (TBA) CD/LP
Opeth, "Deliverance, Damnation, Blackwater Park, and Lamentations reissues" (The End) CD/LP
Pan-Pot, "Back to Back Vol. Six" (Mobilee) 2xCD
Ramases, "Space Hymns" (Mexican Summer) CD/LP
Sleepy Sun, "Spine Hits" (End) CD/LP
Soko, "I Thought I Was An Alien" (Because) CD/LP
Ghedalia Tazartes, "Repas Froid" (Pan) LP
Tenniscoats, "Papa's Ear" (Hapna) CD
Trembling Bells & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, "The Marble Downs" (Honest Jon's) CD/LP
Zambri, "House of Baasa" (Kanine) CD/LP

Eight and a Half, "Eight and a Half" (Arts&Crafts) CD/LP