5/1/2011 - 5/7/2011

New music is due this week from Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun, Jon Mueller, Shit Robot, Pulseprogramming, and Fleet Foxes as well as old music due from Bruce Gilbert, Crass, and Diagram Brothers.


Det Vackra Livet, "Det Vackra Livet" (Labrador) CD
*Diagram Brothers, "The Peel Sessions" (LTM) CD
*Bruce Gilbert, "This Way with The Shivering Man" (Mego) CD/2xLP
Housemeister, "Music Is Awesome" (Boys Noize) 12"
Invisible Conga People, "In A Hole / Can't Feel My Knees" (DFA) MP3
Daniel Menche, "Like a ghost singing to you" (Antifrost) VOICE TAPES series VOL.3 cassette
Shit Robot, "Losing My Patience" (DFA) 12"
Skeletons, "People" (Shinkoyo) CD/cassette
Skinnerbox, " Anapol" (Bpitch Ctrl) 12"
Soundstore / Steffi / Hunee, "Panorama Bar 03" (Ostgut Ton) 12"
Staccato du Mal, "Sin Destino" (Wierd) CD/LP
John Tejada, " Unstable Condition" (Kompakt) 12"

Architecture In Helsinki, "Moment Bends" (Polyvinyl) CD/LP
*Crass, "Christ The Album" (Crassical Collection) 2xCD
Datashock, "Pyramiden Von Gießen" (Dekorder) 2xLP
Dead Rider, "The Raw Dents" (Tizona) CD
Donnacha Dennehy, "Gr√° agus B√°s" (Nonesuch) CD
Fleet Foxes, "Helplessness Blues" (Sub Pop) CD/LP
Fishboy, "Classic Creeps" (Happy Happy Birthday to Me) LP
Floating Points, "Sais Dub" (Eglo) 10"
Fourcolor, "As Pleat" (12k) CD
Galactic, "The Other Side Of Midnight: Live In New Orleans" (Anti) CD
Hyetal, "Broadcast" (Black Acre) LP
In Flagranti, "Worse for Wear" (Codek) CD
Christina Kubisch, "Mono Fluido" (Important) CD
Mount Moriah, "Mount Moriah" (Holidays for Quince) CD/DVD
Jon Mueller, "Alphabet Of Movements" (Type) Ltd LP
James Pants, "James Pants" (Stones Throw) CD/LP
Pawn, "Islet" (Drifting Falling) 3"CD
Karsten Pflum, "No Noia My Love" (Hymen) CD
Pulseprogramming, "Charade Is Gold" (Audraglint) LP
The Rentals, "Resilience" (Ernest Jenning) CD/LP
Gruff Rhys, "Hotel Shampoo" (Wichita) CD
Alexander Rishaug, "Shadow Of Events" (Dekorder) CD/LP
Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun, "Monumental" (Duck Down) CD
Anni Rossi, "Heavy Meadow" (3 Syllables) CD/LP
Seven Saturdays, "Love in the Time of Anticipated Defeat" (Dynamophone) CD
Shine 2009, "Realism" (Cascine) CD/LP
Slew52, "Catalog" (Hymen) 2xCD
Twenty Knives, "The Royal We" (Hymen) CD
The Wave Pictures, "Beer in the Breakers" (Moshi Moshi) CD
Wild Beasts, "Smother" (Domino) CD/LP
Clive Wright, "Deluge: Live Ambient 3" (Desert Sky) CD
[V/A], "Bustin' Out 1984: New Wave To New Beat Volume 4" (Year Zero) CD/2xLP
[V/A], "Wuxtry Record" (Wuxtry) LP

Channel in Channel out, "The Author and The Narrator" (Karaoke Kalk) LP

Temporal Marauder, "Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel" (Mego / Spectrum Spools) LP