5/25/2008 - 5/31/2008

Look for titles this week from Odd Nosdam, Andrew Liles & Jean-Hervé Peron, Spiritualized, and Lithops. Reissues include deluxe editions of classics from Clark-Hutchison, and Mogwai, as well as a pair of full lengths by Psychic TV. Also worth mentioning is a 3 disc comp of material by Kluster and a massive two volume biography and retrospective honoring artist Gary Panter, best known for his "post-nuclear punk-rock" comic icon, "Jimbo" and his award-winning set-design work on Pee-Wee's Playhouse.


Abiku, "Left" (Automation) CD
Agnes & Lee Van Dowski, "Louder Elvis/Radio Graceland" 12"
All the Saints, "Fire on Corridor X" (Killer Pimp) CD
Tony Allen, "Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up" (Honest Jon's Records) CD/2xLP
Allez Allez, "Best of Allez Allez" (Eskimo) LP+CD
Allez Allez, "Best of Allez Allez Album Sampler" (Eskimo) 12"
Ellen Allien, "Sool" (BPitch Control) CD
Alter Ego, "What's Next?!" (Klang Elektronik) CD
Dimitri Andreas, "Tiger" (Token) 12"
Ascend, "Ample Fire Within" (Southern Lord) CD/LP
Philippe Autuori, "7 Peanuts EP" (Hypercolour) 12"
Marco Bailey & Tom Hades, "E=MB2 Album Sampler" (MBElektronics) 12"
Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi, "Cosmic Disco?! Cosmic Rock!!! Part One" (Eskimo) 12"
Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi, "Cosmic Disco?! Cosmic Rock!!! Part Two" (Eskimo) 12"
*Blues Addicts, "S/T" (Shadoks Music) CD
*Bread, Love and Dreams, "The Strange Tale of Captain Hunchback" (Sunbeam Records) LP
*Brian Jonestown Massacre, "My Bloody Undergorund" (A Records) LP
Peter Broderick, "Float" (Type) CD
Broke, "We Ain't Got It/Coladancer" (Kompakt) 12"
Burning Star Core, "Challenger" (Plastic Records) LP
Butch, "Elements 2 of 2" (Trapez) 12"
Butcher the Bar, "Sleep At Your Own Speed" (Morr Music) CD
Alex Cappelli, "Bloody Notes" (Great Stuff Records) 12"
Marco Carola, "Plus One" (Plus 8) 12"
Nick Chacona, "Binding Spheres" (Dogtown Records) 12"
The Cheapers, "Wilderness EP Part 1" (Upon You) 12"
*Clark-Hutchinson, "A=MH2...Expanded" (Sunbeam Records) 2xCD/2xLP
CRC/WAV, "The Nymph/Nyquist Plot" (Curle Recordings) 12"
Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb, "'2006' Remixes IV" (Mental Groove Ltd.) 12"
Days, "S/T" (Shadoks Music) CD
Franklin De Costa, "Don't Very/Tobel" (Neutonmusic) 12"
Deepchord, "Vantage Island Sessions" (Echospace) CD
Francesco De Bellis, "Salvation the 3rd/I'm Minimal Too" (Pigna) 12"
Detroit Grand Pubahs, "Thanks For Coming" (Detelfunk) 12"
District One, "Handsome/One 2 One (100% Pure) 12"
DJ Yellow, "Too Much of Nothing" (Wolfskuil Records) 12"
Kyle Bobby Dunn, "Fragments & Compositions" (Sedimental) CD
Eat Skull, "Sick to Death" (Siltbreeze) LP
Darko Esser/Denis Karimani, "Absolutely No Regrets/Melted" (Curle Recordings) 12"
*The Family Tree, "Miss Butters" (Rev-ola) CD
Simone Fedi, "Sub-Space" (Eskimo) 12"
Fenin, "Breakin'/A Try Mixes" (Shitkatapult) 12"
Fjordfunk, "Ovid 8" (Luna Flicks) 12"
Free Blood, "Never Hear Surf Music Again" (Rong/DFA) 12"
Dan Friel, "Ghost Town" (Important Records) LP
The Gates of Slumber, "Conqueror" (Profound Lore) CD
*The Gordian Knot, "S/T" (Rev-ola) CD
Goth Trad/Silke, "Genesis/Dam 4" (Soul Jazz Records) 12"
Hrdvsion, "Playing For Keeps" (Wagon Repair) 12"
Heaven And, "Sweeter As The Years Roll By" (Staubgold) CD
Hello, Blue Roses, "The Portrait Is Finished and I Have Failed..." (Locust) LP
Gavin Herlihy, "Okay No Disco" (Paradigma Musik) 12"
Michael Ho, "Quitior" (Curle Recordings) 12"
*Inca Ore, "Brute Nature versus Wild Magic" (Weird Forest) LP
Italoboyz, "Bahai" (Mothership) 12"
Jacaszek, "Treny" (Miasmah) CD
*The Jam, "This Is The Modern World" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
Lee Jones, "As Your Like It" (Aus Music) 12"
*Wizz Jones, "The Legendary Me" (Sunbeam Records) LP
Akiko Kiyama, "Seven Years A+B" (District of Corruption) 12"
*Klondike & York, "The Holy Book" (Weird Forest) LP
*Kluster, "Kluster 1970-1971" (Water) 3xCD
Stevie Kotey & Max Essa, "Salon De L'Herbe EP: Part 1" (Electric Minds) 12"
Lau Nau, "Nukkuu" (Locust) LP
Lauhaus, "Downunder" (Intacto) 12"
Leif, "A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place" (Fear of Flying) 12"
Fabrice Lig, "Purple Raw Part One" (Versatile) 12"
Andrew Liles & Jean-Hervé Peron, "Fini!" (Dirter Promotions) CD
Lithops, "Mound Magnet Pt. 2 - Elevations Above Sea Level" (Killer Pimp) CD
André Lodemann, "Wanna Feel EP" (Simple Music) 12"
The Lodger, "Life is Sweet" (Slumberland) CD/LP
Losoul, "The Number/West Side Horn" (Playhouse) 12"
Low Motion Disco, "Love Love Love Love Part 1" (Eskimo) 12"
Machinefabriek/Matt Davies, "Onkruid/Sanctuary" (A Room Forever) LP
Mammatus, "Mammatus" (Holy Mountain) LP
Marascia & Dusty Kid, "Sawless/Sineless" (Systematic) 12"
Mental Overdrive, "The Rage" (Full Pupp) 12"
Jeff Mills, "Alpha Centauri" (Axis) 12"
Minilogue, "Animals" (Cocoon) 2xCD
Minilogue, "Doiicie" (Minilogue) 10"
*Mogwai, "Young Team: Deluxe Edition" (Chemikal Underground) Digital/2xCD/4xLP
Nalle, "The Siren's Wave" (Locust) LP
Odd Nosdam, "Pretty Swell Explode" (Anticon) 2xCD/2xLP
Gary Panter, "S/T" (Picture Box Inc.) Book
*The Parade, "Sunshine Girl: The Complete Recordings" (Now Sounds) CD
*Pluxus, "Solid State" (Kompakt) CD
Kelley Polar, "Entropy Reigns" (Environ) 12"
Polder, "Poldermodel" (Intacto) 2xLP
*Psychic TV, "Force the Hand of Chance" (Some Bizzare) 2xCD
*Psychic TV, "Dreams Less Sweet" (Some Bizzare) CD
Akira Rabelais, "Hollywood" (Schoolmap) CD
Nicola Ratti, "From The Desert Came Saltwater" (Anticipate) CD
*Rayne, "S/T" (Shadoks Music) CD
Marc Romboy vs. Blake Baxter, "Fly Away" (Systematic) 12"
Rose & Ulysse, "Myosotis" (Edit Select) 12"
Ben Ryser, "Minyou Part B" (Weave Music) 12"
Anja Schneider, "Beyond the Valley" (Mobilee) 2xLP
Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo, "I Exist Because Of You" (Innervisions) 12"
Scorch Trio, "Brolt" (Rune Grammofon) CD
Sensitiva, "Mimosa/Together" (100% Pure) 12"
Shocking Pinks, "Cutout/Dressed To Please" (DFA Records) 12"
Skepta, "Rinse 04" (Rinse FM) CD
Spiritualized, "Songs in A&E" (Sanctuary) CD
Style of Eye, "The Big Kazoo" (Dirtybird) 12"
Falko Brocksieper, "Heavy Day" (Sub Static) CD
*The Sundowners, "Captain Nemo" (Rev-ola) CD
Chris Teitjen, "Drei" (Cocoon) CD
Tape, "Luminarium" (Hapna) CD
Torche, "Meanderthal" (Robotic Empire) LP
True Primes/Black Vatican, "Split" (Locust) LP
The Vegetable Orchestra, "Remixed" (Karmarouge) CD
Vinyl, "Nebula Sofia" (Endless Flight) 12"
Claude Vonstroke & Christian Martin, "Groundhog Day" (Dirtybird) 12"
Yoshi Wada, "The Appointed Cloud" (Em Records) CD
Riccardo Dillon Wanke, "Caves" (Sedimental) CD
Williams, "Love On A Real Train" (Love Triangle Music) 12"