5/26/2002 - 6/2/2002

Adam F featuring MOP - Stand Clear 12"/CDEP [12" available as limited picture disc and regular vinyl edition] (Kaos, UK)
Aquasky vs Masterblaster - Beat The System 2xCD (Botchit & Scarper, UK)
Alex Amoon - I'm The Virus! 12" (Bpitch Control, Germany)
Atjazz - Lab Results CD [remix album with mixes by Dzihan & Kamien, Chateau Flight, King Britt, Dixon and more] (Mantis, UK)
Band Of Holy Joy - Love Never Fails CD (Rough Trade, UK)
Bauri/Novel 23 - split 7" (Awkward Silence, UK)
John Beltran/Fantasista - Bota Foga/Offside Trap 12" (Ubiquity, US)
Black Faction - Manchestique Concrete 12" (Dalriada, UK)
Boom Bip - Mannequin Hand Trapdoor I Reminder 12" (Lex, UK)
* Boom Bip & DoseOne - Circle CD/2xLP (Leaf, UK)
Danny Breaks - Vibrations CD/2xLP (Droppin' Science, UK)
* Broadway Project - Compassion 2xCD [reissue with bonus disc] (Memphis Industries, UK)
Buckfunk 3000/Tipper - Sound Off Sampler 1 12" (Fuel, UK)
* Burning Rome - Chaos Theory in Practice CD [reissue with new packaging] (Circumvent/Mad Monkey, US)
Cinematic Orchestra - Everyday CD/LP (Ninja Tune, Canada/US)
Clubsessel - Clubsessel CD (K2O, Germany)
* Coldcut/Various - Journeys By DJ: 70 Minutes Of Madness CD [reissue of this classic DJ mix] (Journeys By DJ, US/UK)
Das Ich - Anti-Christ CD (Metropolis, US)
* Delarosa+Asora - Crush The Sight-seers 12"/CDEP [reissue with bonus track on CDEP] (Pearineel/Hefty, US)
Depeche Mode - One Night In Paris DVD/VHS [live concert film] (Mute, UK)
Digital - Dubzilla CD (Function, UK)
Dillinja & Lemon D - Big Bad Bass 2xCD/5xLP (Valve, UK)
* Golden Boy with Miss Kittin - Or CD/2xLP (Illustrious, UK)
Guided By Voices - Cheyenne 7" (Fading Captain, US)
Lowfish - Maintain the Tension 12"/CDEP (Suction, Canada)
Lucky Pierre - Angels On Your Body 7" (Melodic, UK)
Maps and Diagrams/Broca - split 7" (Cactus Island, UK)
Robert Miles - Connections 12" [mixes by Punk A Fro & 2nd Gen] (Salt, UK)
Mina - Expander LP+7" [remix album with mixes by Rechenzentrum, Schneider TM, Sitcom Warriors and more] (Bungalow, UK)
morceaux_de_machines - liberum arbitrium CD (No Type, Canada)
Mr. Scruff - Shrimp 12"/CDEP (Ninja Tune, UK)
Múm - Loksins erum vid engin CD [same music as Finally We Are No One with vocals in Icelandic] (Bad Taste, Iceland)
Phill Niblock - G2,44+/x2 CD/LP (Drag City/Moikai, US)
Orbital - Rest CDEP (London, UK)
Orbital - Play CDEP (London, UK)
Orbital - Rest & Play 12" (London, UK)
* Pluxus - European Union CD/LP (Rocket Girl, UK)
Primordial Nature - Magnetik 12" (Audio Beyond, Sweden)
Psychick Warriors of Gaia - The Key 2xLP (Terminal Antwerp, Belgium)
Relaxo Abstracto - Inflatable Scream 12" (Music for Speakers, Netherlands)
Anthony Rother - Die Macht 12" (Planet Vision, Germany)
Q-Burns Abstract Message - Re-Routed: The Invisible Airline Remixes CD [with mixes by Hakan Lidbo, Thunderball, King Britt and more] (Eighth Dimension, US)
Kevin Shea/Adam Sonderberg/Dan Warburton - Folktales No. 3 3xCD3" [ltd to 300 copies] (Crouton, US)
Sie - Lost Control 12" (Pussyfoot, UK)
Sierpinski - This Geography Of Ours CD (Jonathon Whiskey, UK)
Sonar Lodge - Interior Backgrounds 12" (Music for Speakers, Netherlands)
Steroid Maximus - Ectopia CD (Ipecac, US)
The Suntanama - The Suntanama CD/LP (Drag City, US)
Super_Collider - Raw Digits CD/2xLP (Rise Robots Rise, UK)
Swayzak - Make Up Your Mind 12" (K7, Germany)
David Sylvian - Camphor CD/2xCD [anthology of instrumental tracks and collaborations with many new mixes] (Virgin, UK)
John Tejada - Music For Doubles 12" [with Daniel Bell mix] (Palette, US)
Thug/Various - Thug Remixed CD [remix album with mixes by Boulderdash, Lackluster, Sense, Quark Kent, Telafonica, Southern Outpost, Kettle, Jeff Shoemaker, Groovescooter, Pimmon and more] (Aural Industries, Australia)
Timtim Snowflake 7" (Spielwiese/Bpitch Control, Germany)
Tricky - A Ruff Guide CD [best of collection] (Island, UK)
RJ Valeo/Acustic - split LP (Hobby Industries, Denmark)
Various - Machine Funk Specialists Part 1 12" (Rotter's Golf Club, UK)
Various - Machine Funk Specialists Part 2 12" (Rotter's Golf Club, UK)
Various - Machine Funk Specialists CD [with Radioactive Man, Klart, Rude Solo, Craig Walsh and more] (Rotter's Golf Club, UK)
Various - Misery Loves Company CD/2xLP [with Solvent & Skanfrom, Lowfish, Adult., Gold Chains, Magas and more] (Ersatz Audio, US)
Venetian Snares - Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006 CD/2xLP (Planet µ, UK)
V/Vm - Sometimes, Good Things Happen version 1.1 CD (V/Vm, UK)
V/Vm - Sometimes, Good Things Happen version 1.2 CD (V/Vm, UK)
Zion Train - Original Sounds Of The Zion CD (Universal Egg, UK)
* Zoffy - Zo Zo Zo Zo Zoffy!!! LP [reissue of precious CD release on pink, blue and black vinyl, limited to 200 copies of each colour] (Synesthetic Recordings, Norway)