6/10/2001 - 6/17/2001

Abfahrt Hinwill - Logatech 10" [picture disc ltd to 1000 copies] (Toytronic, UK)
Abfahrt Hinwill - Testprogramm 2 7" [blue vinyl ltd to 250 copies] (Toytronic, UK)
Appliance - Imperial Metric CD (Mute, UK)
* Euphoria - Sweet Rain 12"/CDEP (Six Degrees, UK)
MUM - Sincerely Yours 12" (Klein, Austria)
* Oval - Ovalcommers CD/LP+7" (Form & Function, Germany)
Poets of Rhythm - Guiding Resolution 7" (Big Dada/Ninja Tune, UK/Canada/US)
Prefuse 73 - Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives CD/2xLP (Warp, UK)
Tim Tetlow - Cyrenic 7" (Planet µ, UK)
Various - EGO Live 1998-2000 CD [with Sutekh, Kit Clayton, Khan, Jammin' Unit and more] (EGO, Germany)
Various - Nuggets: Luke Vibert's Selection CD/2xLP [collection of rare 1970s electronic music compiled by Luke Vibert] (Lo, UK)


Mira Calix - Prickle 12"/CDEP (Warp, US/Canada)
Kevorkian Death Cycle - Relax CDEP (Metropolis, US)
Prefuse 73 - Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives CD/2xLP (Warp, US/Canada)
* Phil Ranelin - Time Is Now! CD/2xLP (Hefty, US)
* Phil Ranelin - Vibes From The Tribe CD/2xLP (Hefty, US)
Soulo - Soulo CD (Plug Research, US)
Starfish Pool - Illusions of Move: The Golden Cycle CD (Hymen, Germany)
* Stereo MCs - Deep, Down and Dirty CD (Island, US)
Takeshi Muto - Expect More From a Past Life CD/LP (Schematic, US)
Sebastien Tellier - L'Incroyable Verite CD (Record Makers/Astralwerks, US)
Various - Dublab Presents Freeways CD [with Languis, Daedelus, Dntel, John Tejada, Mannequin Lung, Divine Styler and more] (Emperor Norton, US)
Various - RKK-13 CD [remixes of tracks from the Attention Cats 12" EP by Jim O'Rourke, Thurston Moore, Push Button Objects, Kid 606, Cex, V/VM, Fennesz, Pimmon, Pita, Suetsu, Alejandra & Underwood, Solvent, Kim Cascone, Chessie, Eoss, Cathars, Drusca, A. Solo, Adrien 75, Blitter, Electric Birds, Airlock, Farmer's Manual, Bubblewrap Being, Cartesian Faith, ESP, Config.sys, Jayrope, Lord Muta, N/A, Rupture, Sister Sunshine featuring DJ Planar 78, Antenna Farm and Wheel] (Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge, US)
Wolfsheim - Spectators CD (Metropolis, US)