6/14/2009 - 6/20/2009

Highlights this week include the Scott Walker DVD and that big Pixies box as well as new things by Venetian Snares, Tiny Masters of Today, and Omna, as well as old things from Big Star, The Avengers, and Bert Jansch.


*The Avengers, "The Avengers" (4 Men With Beards) LP
*Big Star, "#1 Record/ Radio City" (Stax) CD
Black Meteoric Star, "Domination" (DFA) 12″
Burial Hex/Zola Jesus, "Burial Hex/Zola Jesus Split" (Aurora Borealis) CD
*Bert Jansch, "LA Turnaround" (Drag City) CD
*Bert Jansch, "Santa Barbara Honeymoon" (Drag City) CD
*Bert Jansch, "A Rare Conundrum" (Drag City) CD
Legends, "Over and Over" (Labrador) CD
Major Lazer [Diplo & Switch], "Guns Don't Kill People, Lazers Do" (Downtown) CD
Onna, "Onna" (Holy Mountain) CD
*Pixies, "Minotaur" (Artists In Residence) 4CD+DVD
Still Life Still, "Pastel EP" (Arts & Crafts) CD
Tiny Masters of Today, "Skeletons" (Mute) CD
Venetian Snares, "Horsey Noises" (Planet Mu) CD
Scott Walker, "30th Century Man" (Oscilloscope) DVD
Woolfy, "If Ya Know What’s Good For Ya" (Rong DFA) CD